Meet the Business: Posh Cincinnati

Photo of Posh Cincinnati's indoor bar

Business Name: POSH Events Cincinnati

What is POSH?
POSH is a private event space located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. With a focus on elegance, we provide an upscale event experience customized for your guests. Our goal is to create unforgettable moments, achieved through dedicated collaboration with each client. We aim to infuse vibrancy and uniqueness into every event. Our commitment is to craft memories that are memorable and extraordinary. Our event packages are meticulously designed to suit a range of occasions. From private parties and celebrations to corporate meetings, showers, welcome events, and weddings, we offer personalized options that enhance the essence of each event.

Where are you located?
Nestled within the Cincinnati’s market district, POSH is located at 1905 Elm Street, Cincinnati OH 45202, Alongside other entrepreneurial businesses, it is just steps away from the iconic Findlay Market and the bustling Rhinegeist Brewery. Located in this vibrant neighborhood, POSH stands out as a sophisticated hub, enhancing your event with its unique charm and connectivity.

How long have you been open?
Since opening its doors in February 2023, POSH has become a hub for unforgettable experiences. Our elegant venue has hosted a variety of business events, meetings, and birthday celebrations that have left a lasting impression on our guests. The feedback we’ve received reflects their genuine satisfaction, as they’ve found something extraordinary in the ordinary moments we help create.

What is the inspiration behind POSH:
The inspiration behind POSH stems from a desire to provide a distinctive and inclusive event space that elevates the experience for all guests. The founders envisioned a place where sophistication meets accessibility, where upscale events could be enjoyed without limitations.

The inspiration was drawn from the idea that remarkable moments should not be reserved for a select few but should be accessible to a diverse range of individuals and occasions. The founders were also motivated by the bustling energy of downtown Cincinnati and the surrounding entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The aim was to create a space that not only offered elegance and charm but also seamlessly integrated with the dynamic neighborhood, enhancing the overall urban experience. Additionally, the founders were driven by a passion for crafting exceptional memories. The commitment to personalization, attention to detail, and the aspiration to make every event truly special were key factors that shaped the vision of POSH.

In essence, the inspiration behind POSH is a fusion of accessibility, sophistication, urban vitality, and a genuine dedication to providing memorable event experiences that cater to a wide spectrum of guests and occasions.

What is something that stands out about your business?
At our boutique event space, we hold a strong belief in making exceptional moments accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Our commitment to inclusivity and flexibility is unwavering, allowing us to cater to a wide range of financial considerations while maintaining high standards of quality.Whether you’re seeking an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, we take pride in providing practical options that cater to your specific needs.

Our space offers a blend of affordability and sophistication, allowing you to create meaningful memories without straining your finances. In a world where real value matters, we invite you to experience our space where genuine affordability meets genuine quality.

What do our guests most like about us as owners and operators of POSH?
These are some of the comments and positive feedback we’ve consistently received from clients:

  1. Attentive and Personalized Approach: Guests value the personalized attention and care they receive when working with us. Our dedication to understanding their specific needs and preferences resonates well, making them feel heard and understood.
  2. Professionalism and Expertise: Our guests often mention our professionalism and expertise in event planning and management. They feel confident in our ability to execute their vision seamlessly and handle any challenges that may arise.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: The flexibility we offer in tailoring events to their requirements is highly regarded. Guests appreciate our willingness to adapt and accommodate last-minute changes, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.
  4. Creativity and Uniqueness: Many guests find our approach to event design and execution creative and distinctive. They appreciate our efforts to infuse each event with a unique touch that sets their gatherings apart.
  5. Quality of Service: The quality of service provided by our team consistently stands out. Whether it’s the responsiveness to inquiries, the professionalism of our staff, or the overall smooth flow of the event, guests recognize and value our commitment to high standards.
  6. Attention to Detail: Our meticulous attention to even the smallest details has not gone unnoticed. Guests often mention how our thoroughness contributes to a polished and well-organized event.
  7. Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere: The inviting ambiance at POSH is frequently mentioned. Guests feel comfortable and at ease in our space, which adds to the overall positive experience.
  8. Transparent Communication: Open and transparent communication is something that guests appreciate. They find it easy to discuss ideas, concerns, and logistics with us, fostering a sense of trust.
  9. Memorable Experiences: Ultimately, guests value the memorable experiences we help create. From start to finish, they feel that we contribute significantly to the success of their events and the lasting impression they leave on attendees.

What’s the one thing people may not know about POSH?
At the helm of POSH, you’ll find a duo with diverse backgrounds. One co-owner is a scientist, while the other brings a gymnastics instruction background coupled with artistic flair. This combination infuses our venue with a unique blend of strategic thinking and creative execution.

This partnership results in a dynamic approach to event management. The scientific perspective ensures meticulous planning, while the artistic touch from the gymnastics instructor adds a layer of creativity to every detail. This pragmatic yet artistic approach defines the essence of POSH, where events are expertly managed with a dash of imaginative innovation.