Spring is in The Art!

Spring in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is one of the most beautiful cities, no matter what season it is. But, it’s especially vibrant around this time of year- Spring! Throughout the area are colorful and fun things to see and do for everyone. Simply take a walk through our many lovely neighborhoods and parks to admire the scenery or attend an event celebrating the essence of Spring with new beginnings and opportunities in the community!

Flower Mural in OTR

Colorful Flower Mural in Over-The-Rhine on a Garage
‘Flower Wall’ Art by: Cody Gunningham
Photo by: Christen Collins

On 13th street in Downtown Cincinnati is a delightful mural painted on a garage door known as “Flower Wall”. This wall is perfect to take photographs of or with! This piece is by local Artist Cody Gunningham, and you can find more of his work nearby at the bar Lost & Found OTR, which features a lot of other cool art as well.

Visit Cody’s work here:

Tunes and Blooms – The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo
Tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo
Photo by: Christen Collins

For the entire month of April, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens becomes a spectacular display of flowers and has the largest tulip collection in the Midwest. This incredible event is a wonderful sensory experience that is full of life!

In addition, the zoo hosts “Tunes and Bloomsevery Thursday night from 5pm – 8:30pm with outstanding musical acts that will have your spirts so high that you won’t be able to resist joining in on the singing and dancing! Enjoy music by: The Harmed Brothers, Kryst Kruer, Kiely Connell, Michael Moeller, Carriers, Rucca, Moonshine Drive, and Linus Tate Unplugged.

Spring Rhythm – ADC Fine Art 

adc Fine Art Spring Rhythm flyer

ADC Fine Art and Art Design Consultants have a massive gallery space that showcases amazing art that expresses different meaningful themes.  Check out their “Spring Rhythm” exhibition located in the West End.

“We are more than an art gallery, and more than a consultancy. Our mission is to create beautiful environments using extraordinary artwork from contemporary living artists.”



Makers in Nature: Spring Edition – Imago Nature Preserve 

Makers in Nature series flyer: Spring Edition April 16th

Join the Imago Nature Preserve for their “Maker in Nature” event that connects you to the natural world and the art that’s part of it!  Learn and discover fascinating things while making new creations! Reserve tickets online now for April 16, 2023, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm!

“Celebrate the coming of spring! Join us for this approachable, fun, and creative art and crafting experience! In the spirit of being makers we will introduce several choices for creating spring-inspired works of art that you can take home (and one you can leave for us at Imago). All Imago’s programs (and this one in particular) focus on upcycling or reusing and repurposing materials.”