Remake Learning Days Festival Celebrates Hands-On Learning

On May 15-17, 2021, Greater Cincinnati will host the virtual Remake Learning Days festival to inspire families to spend time learning together.  

Educators, artists, scientists and makers from across the region are sharing more than 100 lessons, activities and demonstrations, both on demand and as interactive sessions.  

Remake Learning Days Across America, a celebration of learning innovation, is in its fifth year. Greater Cincinnati joins 17 other regions to encourage and support families and students. 

The festival will provide new connections between the families of Greater Cincinnati and the organizations and resources located here. The virtual events in the festival will be a helpful introduction to the participating artists, teachers, scientists and makers. Families can explore the opportunities they offer and follow up for more if they wish. 

To ensure that more families can participate in the event, learning activity kits filled with supplies for more than 15 of the festival’s events will be created. These kits will be available for free on a first-come, first-served basis at several locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Find a full list of locations where kits can be picked up at  

During Greater Cincinnati Remake Learning Days, families can find activities and lessons appropriate for children from preschool through 12th grade, all of which can be done remotely. The activities range from arts and crafts, to STEM, outdoor learning and much more. A full listing of events can be viewed at

Remake Learning Days Across America Producer Dorie Taylor hopes that “parents, caregivers and educators across all communities will be inspired by the learning kids are doing alongside their caring adults and think about what they hope to see in their own communities.” 

“There may not be another moment in our lifetimes when educators are thinking as boldly about what education and learning might be than right now. We should embrace these innovations as signals about what’s possible,” said Gregg Behr, executive director of the Grable Foundation and co-chair of Remake Learning. 

Join the virtual Greater Cincinnati Remake Learning Days on May 15-17.  

Jill Morenz is the Director of Community Initiatives and Communications for the Catalytic Fund and also runs the NKY Public Arts Network. She is an enthusiastic evangelist for all things NKY. 

Splish-Splash, Swimming Pool Openings!

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means… Pools in the Cincinnati area are starting to open for the season!  So, take a dive at these incredible places to visit to beat the heat and have some fun! From public pools in parks, to community spaces, and local gyms, the Queen City has plenty of swimming pools for everyone to enjoy!

Ziegler Pool in OTR

Ziegler Pool is one of our favorite city pools in the downtown area!  The pool is open from Saturday, May 1st– September 12th!  The hours of operation are split up for lap swimming from 7-9am, then the pool gets cleaned, afterwards the block times for the day passes begin from 10am-12:15pm, 12:45pm – 3pm, and 3:30-5:45pm, with cleanings between each session. This swimming pool, like many others is by reservation only and you can sign up on their website for a 2-hour session for only $4 a person!  They also offer a membership pass that is based on your income.  The pool has a large central swimming section that is perfect for playing around and team swimming! From the center, the pool branches off into two other sections that have varying depths.  One section has driving boards and a climbing wall that reaches out over the water!  The deck around the pool is family friendly, has chairs to lounge on, and is really good at practicing in social distancing!  Ziegler Pool also has restrooms, showers, first aid, and a great little concession stand for cold drinks and treats. You can find this wonderful city pool tucked in the corner of Ziegler Park on Woodward St. in Over-the- Rhine.  Visit their website today to plan your next visit!

Sunlite Pool at Coney Island

Coney Island is a magical little theme park along the Ohio River on Kellogg Ave. that has been around since the 1800’s!  This historic place added their pool in 1925 and later added water rides around the deck.  The pool is famous for its massive size and it’s in-pool slide called the, “Silver Bullet” that has been there since 1930!  Sunlite Pool is the perfect water adventure for the whole family and one of the best places to experience Cincinnati nostalgia.  They offer swim lessons, have live music on Sundays, and have a new feature called the “Challenge Zone”, which is the largest pool obstacle course in the United States!  The pool has a variety of options for food and beverages with a dining area and designated picnic spots.  There is plenty of space to sunbath on chairs or in the grass and for those of you that like more shaded areas there are lots of spaces under trees that offer a great amount of comfort.  You can even rent your own luxury cabana to chill out in!  Opening day is May 29th and the pool is open from 10am – 8pm every day of the week!


The Y has always been one of the best places to go swimming and there are lots of locations to choose from!  Whether it’s for fun or fitness you won’t be disappointed purchasing a membership to this amazing non-profit organization!  They offer lifeguard training, competitive swimming, swim lessons, and aquacise.  A membership allows you to not one use their incredible pool, but you get access to their entire gym!  You also get to bring a guest for free, so find yourself a swimming partner and join the YMCA near you!

Cincinnati has so many swimming pools throughout the area and in almost every neighborhood!  Some offer swimming classes like Bear Paddle Swim School in Oakley Station and others are for adults only like the beautiful outdoor pool at the Cincinnati Sports Club.  We even have spaces that have amazing water features to play in and are free!  Washington Park has one of the greatest interactive water features that has more than 130 pop-up jets that are synchronized to music and lights that you can run around in!  So, no matter which place you choose to visit, you’ll be sure to have a great time and a memorable experience that will make you want to return all summer long!

Written By: Christen Collins

Summer Camps in Cincinnati

 If you’re looking for a summer camp in the Cincinnati area, then you’re in luck because there are a ton of them! And we’ve got you covered on how to find them and get involved!  From sports programs to arts and crafts workshops, Cincinnati has it all!  Including exploring and learning about nature and science, theater and dance, as well as specific special interests’ camps.  We even found some camps for adults, so we have something for everyone to enjoy!


Reds Baseball & Softball Camp

The Cincinnati Reds offer a terrific summer camp in various locations for kids ages 6 – 14 that teaches the fundamentals of baseball and gives campers the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be on a team with trust and confidence!

Adrenaline Camp!

This Speed Camp is for thrill seekers and aspiring racers from ages 7-15. This camp takes its participants on an exciting ride through learning theory and concepts in the classroom to developing skills on the track! Located at Full Throttle in Tri-County, OH and Florence, KY.

Survivor Camp

You guested it! This Camp is based off the famous television show “Survivor” and kids ages 6-10 can embark on a journey through challenging games that are educational and exciting! This awesome camp is located at Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness in Erlanger, KY.

They also offer other sports camps like basketball and soccer!

Parkour & Acrobatics Fitness Camp

Swift Movement Studios on West Mitchell Ave. in Cincinnati has a rad summer camp that has fun learning opportunities that are extremely hands on!  Campers learn jumping, climbing, vaulting, rolling, and flipping skills while playing active games with peers. They are great for physical exercise, team bonding, and help build self-esteem!

Camp – A – Palooza Summer Camp

Kids First Sports Center has a stellar collection of programs that has endless creative projects and fun fieldtrips.  Their programs aren’t just sports related either!

Arts & Craft

Camp Art Academy

The Art Academy of Cincinnati has an outstanding summer program that is available virtually and in person, with six themed weeks of engaging creative projects for kids to make and share with others!  This fun and expressive camp is for ages 5-12 and the campers get to work with local artists that are instructors for the AACs Community Education Department!  This program not only includes learning art making skills and creating new pieces of artwork but it’s an educational journey through what it’s like being an artist!  Campers get to explore the world of art through artist talks, museum visits, and gallery field trips!

Cincinnati Art Museum Summer Camp

The Cincinnati Art Museum is the perfect place to discover and enjoy art!  They offer an 8-week program that is filled with art making and gallery fun for ages 6-12!

Summer Art Camp

The Taft Museum of Art is another fantastic art museum in Cincinnati that offers a creative program for campers in  1st-12th grade!

Art Workshop Summer Camp

This imaginative camp is at Queen City Clay and offers kids a chance to create their own works of art through ceramics, painting, and drawing!

Nature & Science

Cincinnati Parks Summer Camp

The Cincinnati Parks Department has a great day camp program that takes campers on an exploration of nature through hiking, animal encounters, experiments, and games!  This camp is for ages 3 ½ – 14 and fosters a sense of wonder of the natural world!

Cincinnati Zoo Summer Camp

This summer camp is a weeklong experience of the beauty of nature and finding out fascinating things about animals from all around the world!

Classroom Antics Summer Tech Camps

The STEM Lab in Cincinnati summer camp focuses on math, engineering, technology, and science in new and fun ways!  They offer a variety of epic programs for kids ages 6-14!

Theatre & Dance

Drink and Play Adult Summer Camp

This super corky summer camp is just for adults and is offered through the Know Theatre of Cincinnati.  Imagine what it would have been like to go to theatre camp as a kid, then apply new skills that you’ve learned in a collaborative and unique way!

Drink aNd Play: Adult Summer Camp

TCT Summer Camp

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati offers a variety of programs for ages 6-14 that focus on dance, music, and drama! This camp is for all levels and is located on Red Bank Rd. in Cincinnati.


Kids Dance Camp

TheCincinnati Ballet has a wonderful camp for ages 5-8, that takes dancers on a creative exploration of movement and music.  Not only do the campers get to learn about dance but also get to learn how to create costumes and set designs!

Camp – A – Palooza Summer Camp

Kids First Sports Center has a fantastic collection of programs that has hands on projects and fieldtrips.  Their programs aren’t just sports related either!

Special Interests

Stepping Stones Summer Camp

Stepping Stones is an incredible organization that offers a creative program for children with disabilities that takes campers on an adventure through compassion, self-expression, and teamwork!

Summer Programs

Summer Camps for Special Needs

Cincinnati Children’s sponsors a wide range of summer camps for children with specific medical needs.  They offer support while having fun in ways that help with recovery and development.

Written By: Christen Collins

Community Art and Education Programs in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has endless opportunities to participate in art making, while learning new techniques and skills!  Some great aspects about Community Art and Education Programs in the area are that you can find something to join in on for all ages and at any level of experience!  Most programs are even free to take part in!

The Art Academy of Cincinnati has an incredible Community Education Department that offers a variety of different classes, workshops, and demos for anyone interested in pursuing art! For the past year and a half, I’ve been teaching as an Artist and Writer Instructor in their Community Outreach Program and I couldn’t be happier working there! I asked fellow Community Education Instructor, Amanda Hudson what she enjoyed most about working for the Art Academy and this is what she shared, “I love that the AAC understands that I’m an artist first. The CommEd team knows my strengths and skill sets and they leave space for me to nurture them into my role as a teaching artist. My classes won’t be insightful or rewarding without that ingredient. They trust me to make a creative space for my students and let my work be the lesson plan. That alone is invaluable to me.”  You can find out what Amanda is working on with the Art Academy and in her personal studio by checking out her Instagram at: amandahudsonart, Facebook: Amanda Hudson Art, or her website:

I couldn’t agree more with Amanda and I share the same sentiments.  What I also love about working in the Community Education Department at the Art Academy of Cincinnati is that we are constantly collaborating with other artists, teachers, and students on new and intriguing projects.  We offer a wide range of programs for young artists and adults that provide enriched experiences of self-expression and shared creative processes.  Most of all I love the students that I get to work with and that our funding provides them with the supplies they need in order to create!  Head over to their website to check out what’s available and register for your next creative endeavor!

And follow the fun on their Instagram, @aaccommunityeducation

Two Nonprofits in Cincinnati that dedicate themselves to Community Art and Education is Visionaries and Voices and ArtWorks.  Visionaries and Voices is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides exhibition opportunities, studio space, supplies, and support to artists with disabilities.  Anyone can go to their artist talks, shows, and workshops!  I’ve personally always had a delightful time at any event I’ve been to of theirs!  For more information visit their website,

ArtWorks is nonprofit that invests in the community to help people and places through creative practices like their Youth Apprentice Program.

Find a project to participate in on their website, at .

Every museum in Cincinnati provides some sort of Community Art and Education Program all year round!  The Cincinnati Art Museum has a lot of amazing things to get involved in that include, workshops, artist talks, lectures, and special events like “Art After Dark”.  Along with team building programs, yoga classes, art making experiences, and many more that are consistently changing!

The Contemporary Arts Center has countless family programs, public events, tours, artist talks, teen programs, school programs and special events such as creative learning festivals! Their website has a great collection of things to choose from and they offer many virtual options!

There are plenty of Wine and Paint Wine classes in Cincinnati but the one that stands out the most for us is James Reynolds, “Not Your Average Paint and Sip Class”. This experience is so much more than a Wine and Paint event, it’s an opportunity to learn fundamental elements and techniques that will help you with future projects.  His studio is located in the Pendleton Art Center in OTR which is another awesome place to engage in art!  For more information check out his site at,

No matter what your looking for you’re sure to discover that Cincinnati has just about anything you can think of when it comes to Community Art and Education and there’s events happening nearly every day!  Start your journey into exploring and learning more about art opportunities in Cincinnati and how to get involved!

Written By: Christen Collins

It’s Brewery Season

For many, Springtime is tied to blooming flowers, chirping birds, and if you’re a Cincinnatian, the sipping of beer outside at your favorite spot. 

We all know Cincinnati is packed with dozens of breweries soaked in a long tradition of history and crafting practices. Sadly, to list every brewery in Cincinnati would require a novel, not a short-read, so here are some quick standouts: 

The OG

You can’t really mention Cincinnati Breweries without paying homage to Rhinegeist. Their rooftop is the perfect place to vibe out on a warm day or gather with friends inside their expansive taproom. Check out their list of seasonal beers

Take It Outside

Situated on U.S.Route 50, 50 West Brewery is the place to go for guilt-free outdoor drinking. They’ve got volleyball, cycling, running groups, and a wide variety of beers. Workout while you sip. It’s all about balance.

+Plus One

Braxton Brewery has another location. In addition to their Northern Kentucky spot, Braxton is now proudly situated in the historic Pendleton neighborhood of Cincinnati. They’ve got a bevy of beers from Braxton, Braxton Labs, Braxton Barrel House and VIVE Hard Seltzer. 

For the Tree Huggers 

If you’re looking to drink while making an impact, MadTree is the brewery for you. MadTree donates a portion of their sales to local nonprofits focused on environmental sustainability. To date, they’ve donated 15,000 saplings to regenerate our forests, recycled over 20,000 plastic handles, and used 50,000 pounds of spent grain to feed local cows each week. 

Keepin’ It Groovy

Urban Artifact is a sweet, live music venue that specializes in sour taps. Built in the lower level of the historic St Patrick’s church in Northside Cincinnati, Urban’s courtyard between the buildings is one of the best places to sit outside with a beer. Oh, and if you’re looking for something to jam to, they’ve got their own radio station you can tune into.

New Kid on the Block

Alright, so Humble Monk Brewing Co. isn’t brand new* but like with any place that opened in 2020, we feel like we’re just now discovering it as we (safely) step outside again in 2021. Humble Monk Brewing Co. is a family-owned, pet-friendly brewery that specializes in high quality craft beer with a Belgian influence. Check ‘em out!

Welcome in a Sustainable New Year

Image may contain: plant and flower

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or renewed habits, the start of a new year brings a yearning for a clean state—along with a chance to reset and envision the impact you want to make for the months to come. For some, it’s the devotion to becoming more sustainable in their day-to-day lives. But let’s face it, eco-friendly practices are easier said than done. 

Luckily, in Cincinnati there are lots of ways you can ease into a more sustainable lifestyle, with small switches that will make going green a breeze. Check out some of the stores around our city making a sustainable impact, (so you can make one too!)

Deerhaus Decor:  Deerhaus is an eco-friendly boutique with an emphasis on small-batch manufacturing. This place is great for sustainable kitchen swaps like a dish block (instead of dish soap in plastic bottles), along with beeswrap food wrap, bamboo and metal straws, eco-friendly dish towels and more. They’re also a must-stop shop for unique, handmade jewelry and vintage clothing, that get a chance at second wear. 

Check them out online; or in store at: 135 West Elder Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

SimplyZero: New to Over-the-Rhine, Simply Zero has everything you need to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, from bamboo cutlery to mouthwash tabs, to powdered laundry detergent, and beyond. Most impressive, though, are their refill stations. Instead of buying plastic packaged shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash they sell refillable glass bottles you pump with your favorite product. Once you run out, bring your bottle back and start the process again. Goodbye plastic landfill.

Stop by in store: 1235 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202; or online.

Brewdog Brewery: Now you can drink beer responsibly in a whole new earth-friendly way. Brewdog made its way from the UK to Cincinnati with a mission to “change the culture of craft beer.” Not only do they take their beer-making process to heart, they take their carbon footprint to heart too. Their spent grain (their biggest brewing byproduct) is turned into green gas, renewable vehicle fuel and organic fertilizers. And they use fully recycled and recyclable aluminium cans and glass bottles, plus kegs made from recycled material. Crack open a cold one, and read more about their sustainable practices around the world.

Try them out: 316 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, or visit online.

Yield Coffee Roasters: Now you can drink coffee that matters. Yield Coffee is a small-batch, specialty coffee roasting company that is focused on relational and sustainable development. They work hand-in-hand with coffee farmers and cooperatives—cutting the middleman out—to bring the best coffee around the world to Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only do they provide deliciously-good coffee that’s sustainably and ethically-sourced, they’re also making a positive social impact by breaking the cycle of economic poverty through involvement in initiatives like rehab programs for woman transitioning back into society from human trafficking, building life-saving modern bathrooms, supplying medical clinics with necessities, and more. 

Buy their coffee here.