Guided Art Walks (With Extras!)

There’s a new way to explore the world-class public art in Covington and Newport this summer: take one of the free guided art walks being offered by NKY Public Arts Network—with fun extras built in. Jill Morenz, who leads the tours for the Network and the Catalytic Fund, explained that she wanted to introduce guestsContinue reading “Guided Art Walks (With Extras!)”

Saving and Deals in the City (5/16)

Listermann Brewing Company$4 Pours Every Monday and Tuesday Montgomery Inn2 for $24 Special Tailwagger’s Doggy DaycareFree Evaluation Day Yankee Doodle DeliThank you Gift Packages For $25! D1 TrainingHalf-Off First Month of Membership Fowling Warehouse$12 Unlimited Play Covington Business Council50% Off Dues for New Members Griffin Elite Sports & WellnessCyrotherapy Specials – 10% Off Omega BeautyTeacherContinue reading “Saving and Deals in the City (5/16)”

We Love Our #FabBrides

Cheers to our Brides! This blog is dedicated to all our 2020/2021 #FabBrides. Planning a wedding isn’t usually the easiest thing to do and this year has made that no different! Our beautiful brides have had to make decisions this year that drastically changed their wedding plans. Whether you planned to hop on a plane and sayContinue reading “We Love Our #FabBrides”

Buying A Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks

Buying a Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks So, it’s your first-time shopping for your bridal gown and you have a million questions and emotions. For most brides, this is finally when the planning begins to feel real and it’s setting in that they’re actually doing this. You’re getting married and you must find a wedding dress! HereContinue reading “Buying A Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks”

Top 3 Places to Start Wedding Planning

Pinterest Whether you’ve been curating your “Some Day <3” board since you were a teenager, or you’ve never thought about your big day, Pinterest is the best place to collect inspiration, ideas, and tips for all your wedding planning! Start a completely new board on your account for each of the different aspects of your day: bridal gown, bridesmaidContinue reading “Top 3 Places to Start Wedding Planning”

Celebrate Covington Week: Foodies Will Save 50%

What’s a great way to celebrate a 50th anniversary? With a week of 50% discounts from restaurants and bars! The Covington Business Council (known as the CBC) has been promoting Covington’s economic development and providing members with access to opportunity and growth for 50 years. As part of the festivities, they are hosting Celebrate CovingtonContinue reading “Celebrate Covington Week: Foodies Will Save 50%”

The Bourbon Barrels are Back in NKY!

Bourbon barrels + original art + NKY’s city streets = NKY Bourbon Barrel Walk In 2019, the NKY Bourbon Barrel Project placed more than 100 custom painted bourbon barrels around the rivers cities. This year, the project is coming back as the NKY Bourbon Barrel Walk, and the organizers are seeking both sponsors and artists.Continue reading “The Bourbon Barrels are Back in NKY!”

Bridal Party Attire: Traditional Etiquette

Traditionally, there was a strict list of who purchases gowns in what order. While this timeline is very specific, the thing to remember about your modern wedding is that it is YOURS. Some brides may be closer to their step mother than their own mother. The groom’s mother might have passed away and his grandmotherContinue reading “Bridal Party Attire: Traditional Etiquette”


Everyone dreams of their wedding day from the moment they watch their first Disney movie when the princess meets her prince… The idea of a wedding day should evoke feelings of happiness and joy, but for some people, it is the opposite. In fact, 40% of couples describe wedding planning as extremely stressful. Why? Well, as years pass,Continue reading “HOW TO PLAN THE PERFECT WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNER”

Art Walks in NKY

If you’re looking for something to do on a nice, perhaps chilly day, how about taking a free, self-guided tour of public art in the river cities? You’ll explore the eclectic urban neighborhoods, discovering beautiful buildings, learning history and examining the world class art on display. The NKY Art Tours are an initiative of theContinue reading “Art Walks in NKY”