Savings & Deals in the City (10/4)

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Purchase Tickets to 2 or More Shows, Receive $15 Off Each Ticket
Butcher and Barrel
Rib Night: Half-Rack with Fries for $19
The Summit Hotel
Cincinnati Sports Package: Uber Gift Card, Local Brews, House-Made Pork Rinds and More.
Che O’Bryonville
$12 Burgers + $2 Off Drafts on Thursday’s
The Beauty Boost Cincy
50% Off Any Event for Everything Cincy Followers
Sub Station II
$2 Off Large Turkey Subs
Fowling Warehouse
$12 Unlimited Play
Happy Hangout
$1 Off 2 Hours of Play
Hotel Covington
Game-Day Add-On: Free Drinks, Transportation To/From Game, and More.
Savannah’s Hyde Away
New Client Special: 60-minute massage for $65
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16th Annual Ride Cincinnati Happening September 16 & 17!

Hundreds of Cyclists Hit the Road to Bring World-Class Cancer Care to Cincinnati

Ride Cincinnati Photo of Bikers at Finish Line


Hundreds of Greater Cincinnati bicycle enthusiasts, cancer survivors and their families, the UC Health Barrett Cancer Center, John and Eileen Barrett, Dr. William Barrett


The 16th annual Ride Cincinnati bicycle event benefiting life-saving local cancer research at the Barrett Cancer Center at UC Health and partner health systems. To date, the ride has raised more than $5.5 million for cancer research and funded 57 grants that benefit local families. The 2021 ride raised a record-setting $1 million! 

This year’s ride features new routes that will begin at Yeatman’s cove and remain on the Ohio side of the river. Food, water and restrooms will be provided on the course. 


Yeatman’s Cove, Cincinnati, OH


Friday, September 16, 2022 – Kickoff party at Top of the Park at the Phelps for riders and guests starts at 5 p.m.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Late registration and packet pickup begins at 6:00am

  • 100 miles – starts at 6:30 a.m.
  • 50 miles – starts at 8:30 a.m.
  • 20 & 28 miles –starts at 9:30 a.m.
  • 15 miles –starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • 8 miles – starts at 10:30 a.m.


Established in 2007, Ride Cincinnati is an annual bicycle event for all abilities held at Yeatman’s Cove. Funds raised through Ride Cincinnati benefit all cancer research at the UC Health Barrett Cancer Center and local partner health systems. For more information visit

Riders are encouraged to connect with Ride Cincinnati on social media using hashtag #RideCincinnati on the following sites:

Facebook: RideCincinnati

Instagram: Ride_Cincinnati

Twitter: RideCincinnati

Savings & Deals in the City (9/20)

Che Cincinnati
Half-Priced Glasses of Wine + Half-Priced Wings on Wednesday’s
Longworth-Anderson Series
BOGO 1/2 Off Tickets for Everything Cincy Followers
Tri-State Grill Cleaning
20% Off End-Of-Season Cleanings
Junebug Jewelry
$15 Off Three or More Bracelets
$1 Rides for UC Students and Staff
1/2 Priced Sushi for Dine-In and Carry-Out
$1 Off Frozen Drinks on Wednesday’s
SS Tiki Tours
5% Off Any Cruise
Family Thyme Kitchen
15% Off Your First Order
Galla Park Gastro
$49 Meal for 2-4 People: Gallahente + Bottle of Sangria

YMCA and ODJFS to Provide FREE Memberships to Foster and Kinship Families

CINCINNATI, OHIO – The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) announced yesterday that it has partnered with the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs Foundation (Ohio YMCA) to provide free memberships for certified foster homes and approved kinship caregivers who meet certain eligibility criteria. Bridges participants and their children are also eligible.

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati CEO Jorge Perez said, “The Y is a place where everyone can belong. When children and families are looking for a place for connection and growth, we want them to know they are welcome at the Y. It is our privilege to serve these families in partnership with ODJFS, the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs Foundation, and partner YMCAs around the state.”

Greater Cincinnati foster and kinship caregivers can start utilizing these services locally on August 10th at any YMCA of Greater Cincinnati location in Ohio. 

Half the cost of the memberships will be paid for by ODJFS. The remaining cost, for at least one year, will be covered by an Ohio YMCA grant of up to $578,000 state-wide. 


To be eligible for the free memberships, certified foster homes must provide the YMCA a copy of the family’s current JFS 01213, “Notice of Approval for Foster Home,” showing the family is currently certified as a foster home. They must also provide a letter from the family’s recommending foster care agency on that agency’s letterhead. It must indicate the family is in good standing with the agency/state of Ohio and either the family has had at least one foster care placement within the past 18 months, or the family is a newly certified foster home within the last six months.

To be eligible as an approved kinship home, families must provide a letter from the agency that approved the family on the agency’s letterhead indicating the family is in good standing with the agency and that they have a current kinship child placed in the home.

Bridges is a program designed to help former foster youth transition to adulthood. To be eligible, Bridges participants must provide a copy of the participant’s Bridges Voluntary Participation Agreement showing the participant is enrolled in Bridges. Participants must also provide letter from the Bridges grantee on the grantee’s letterhead indicating the participant is currently enrolled in Bridges.

About the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is one of the area’s largest nonprofits that focuses on engaging individuals and families in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The Y is dedicated to helping people achieve goals, make friends and find a true sense of belonging. Branches offer quality time for families to be together, resources for parents, and a variety of opportunities for seniors to be active. The YMCA ensures these opportunities are available to everyone no matter their ability to pay with generous support from community partners and donors.

For more information about the Y, visit, call (513) 362-YMCA or stop by a Y branch near you. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services manages vital programs that strengthen Ohio families. These include job training and employment services, unemployment insurance, cash and food assistance, child care, child and adult protective services, adoption, and child support services.


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Savings and Deals in the City (7/26)

Aruna Project
10% Off Your First Order
Buff City Soap
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D1 Training
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Gold Star Chili
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Woodhouse Day Spa
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The Blind Pig
Monday Night Industry Night: $4 Makers Mark + 30% Off Industry Tabs
Che Empanadas y Mas
Empanada Night: 12-Pack for $35!
Aladdin’s Eatery
Sunday Cake Specials: $4 Slices
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Purchase 2 or More Tickets, Get $15 Off Each Ticket!

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Mobile Glow Cincy
Group Discounts for Groups 6+
Listermann Brewing Company
$11 Wine on Wednesdays
Green District Salads
$2 Off in The App for GD’s New Menu
SS Tiki Tours
Private Cruise Auction
Mayweather Boxing and Fitness
20% Off Unlimited Membership + 1 Free Fitness Assessment for New Members
21C Museum Hotel
Love is Love Package: 1-Night Stay, Dinner Credit, Swag Bag, and Donation
Prime Cincinnati
25-50% Off Bottles of Wine on Wednesday
Butcher and Barrel
Parrillada Experience for 2 or 4 Every Friday and Saturday
Sub Station II
$2 Off Large Turkey Subs on Tuesdays
First Class Free
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Savannah’s Hyde Away
Father’s Day Special
SS Tiki Tours
10% Off Food at Newport Hooters
Happy Hangout
$1 Off 2 Hours of Play
Buff City Soap
6/$30 Sale
Cincinnati Music Festival
No Service Charge on Ticket Purchases
Aruna Project
10% Off Your First Order
Cincinnati Art Museum
June Membership Discount: 10% or 20% Off
Tailwagger’s Doggy Daycare
$5 Off Full or Half-Day of Daycare
The Beauty Boost Cincy
$99 Membership
Sheffield Accounting and Financial Services
Free Consultation
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Family Thyme Kitchen
15% Off Your Order
The Summit Hotel
Pride Package – Room, Dessert, & Wine for 2
Hofbrauhaus Newport Brewery & Restaurant
Free Pretzel with Concert Ticket
10 Classes for $100 for New Clients
Johnny’s Car Wash
20% Off Car Washes
1/2 Priced Sushi
Kinley Hotel Cincinnati
Make and Take Scent Experience – Drinks and Candle Making for 2
Mike’s Mobile Cupping LLC
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Metropolitan Club
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Ken Anderson Alliance
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Listermann Brewing Company
$4 Pours Every Monday and Tuesday
Montgomery Inn
2 for $24 Special
Tailwagger’s Doggy Daycare
Free Evaluation Day
Yankee Doodle Deli
Thank you Gift Packages For $25!
D1 Training
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Fowling Warehouse
$12 Unlimited Play
Covington Business Council
50% Off Dues for New Members
Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness
Cyrotherapy Specials – 10% Off
Omega Beauty
Teacher Appreciation Month Specials
BlaCk OWned Outerwear
Black Member Only $10/Month
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Start Your Next Marathon Training Season With These Off-Season Tips

So you’ve just finished your training season. Congratulations! Maybe you sailed through the last 4 months and set a PR at your race, or maybe the season was a little rough and you experienced frequent aches and pains that caused you to take extra rest days and skip workouts. In both scenarios, the best thing you can do for your body is to take a recovery period, and then use the off-season as preparation for your next training cycle. An effective off-season will allow your body to heal and adapt from the hard work of a training season, while also providing the opportunity to work on weak spots so they don’t derail the next training cycle.


1. Fear of losing fitness. 

Winner Crossing the Finish Line

Anyone who has taken extended time off from running knows how difficult those first few workouts feel. And it can feel daunting to think about starting all over when you’ve worked so hard to improve your fitness! While it’s true that you begin to lose cardiopulmonary fitness in as little as 14 days of no training, research has shown that you can maintain aerobic adaptations in VO2max and submaximal endurance with a reduced training load (1). In one study, athletes maintained their fitness even while reducing their training load by two-thirds (2).

 2. Momentum of a good season.  

When everything seems to be clicking into place, a slowdown or pause in training might seem like you’re missing out on potential gains. Why not push ahead and take advantage of feeling good? However, everything feels good until it doesn’t. It’s much wiser to take a planned, short-term, decrease in training, compared to the risk of continuing to push your body to the breaking point, at which you will likely be on the bench for much longer.

3. Training provides structure and mental release. 

Many athletes thrive under the structure of a training program. The certainty of what to do with their time each day provides comfort in a sometimes hectic world. However, off-season isn’t about the absence of training, it’s just a change in what training looks like.  There can be structure and mental comfort found in mobility drills, technique sessions, and strength training.


It’s important to note that this preparatory phase is NOT your base or build phase where you’re working to increase miles at a low intensity prior to jumping into your marathon or half marathon training plan. The goals of the plan presented here are:

  1. Recover from the previous season
  2. Become a stronger athlete who can handle hard workouts without injury
  3. Become a more efficient runner in order to go faster with less energy

There are three key ways you will accomplish these goals—

1. Decrease your running volume to aid in recovery while shifting the focus of your training. 

  • After your initial recovery period of no running after your race, DON’T jump back into high mileage, especially if your racing season was plagued by aches, pains, or injuries.
    • DO Run 3-4 days per week to maintain a base of fitness, but all runs should be done at an easy, conversational pace and distance should be short.
    • DON’T do intense, race specific workouts. Now is not the time for track workouts or hill repeats. These types of workouts tend to beat up your body and the risk of injury is high.
    • DO utilize cross training. If you want to get your body moving more and maintain your aerobic fitness, try cycling, swimming, or elliptical training to substitute long runs. These options allow you to work your cardiovascular system while sparing tendons, cartilage, muscles, and bone.

2.  Increase strength training to improve the structural integrity of your body.

Strength Training
  • For many runners, injuries are the result of their heart and lungs adapting to training faster than their bones and tendons. Incorporating strength training prior to increasing running volume will make your body tougher and more resilient. The trick is to make sure you introduce strength training while you’re de-loading your running, so that your body will recover appropriately. 
    • Runners that took a 2-week break from running were shown to increase lean muscle mass, even without adding strength training (1). Reducing your running volume provides an opportunity for muscles to repair and gain strength, since running is a catabolic activity, meaning it breaks your muscles down.   
    • Strength train 2-3 days per week. Work with a personal trainer that is familiar with the demands of running so you can target the correct muscle groups. Bootcamp or HIIT style workouts aimed at calorie burning are not ideal and will not be as beneficial.   
    • Runners that lifted 2-3 times per week for 8 weeks showed an improved running economy, meaning they utilized less oxygen to run at the same speed (3).

3. Improve running technique.

Athlete Running
  • Have you ever wondered if changing from a heel strike to a midfoot strike would be better for you? Or maybe you’re a forefoot striker and are plagued by calf injuries, but are hesitant to change your stride because it feels awkward and you’re not sure how to do it. Especially if you began running as an adult, what feels “natural” might not necessarily be the most efficient technique. The off-season is the ideal time to work through the growing pains that may come with working on your form!
    • Get a running form evaluation with a physical therapist. You’ll need to know where your weaknesses are in order to work on improving them. Make sure the PT you work with is able to explain the results and create a plan for you. A running evaluation isn’t much help if you don’t leave the appointment with exercises and drills that directly relate to your faults.
    • Perform running drills daily, especially prior to runs. Improving your running form requires neuromuscular re-education, and frequency of practice is key for success. Think of how difficult it is to learn a new language or to play an instrument if you don’t practice daily!

[Want more tips?  Learn why increasing your run cadence can benefit your performance AND reduce your risk of injury].

Want even more information to help you become a better runner?  Check out The Runner’s Corral for tons of free content about training, injury prevention, and performance!

Written by: Dr. Ellen Foster, PT, DPT


  1. Chen, Yun-Tsung et al. “Two weeks of detraining reduces cardiopulmonary function and muscular fitness in endurance athletes.” European journal of sport science, 1-8. 21 Feb. 2021, doi:10.1080/17461391.2021.1880647
  1. Neufer, P D. “The effect of detraining and reduced training on the physiological adaptations to aerobic exercise training.” Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.) vol. 8,5 (1989): 302-20. doi:10.2165/00007256-198908050-00004
  1. Balsalobre-Fernández, C., Santos-Concejero, J., & Grivas, G. V. (2016).
  1. Effects of Strength Training on Running Economy in Highly Trained Runners: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis of Controlled Trials. Journal of strength and conditioning research, 30(8), 2361–2368.

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