Meet the Business: Posh Cincinnati

Photo of Posh Cincinnati's indoor bar

Business Name: POSH Events Cincinnati

What is POSH?
POSH is a private event space located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. With a focus on elegance, we provide an upscale event experience customized for your guests. Our goal is to create unforgettable moments, achieved through dedicated collaboration with each client. We aim to infuse vibrancy and uniqueness into every event. Our commitment is to craft memories that are memorable and extraordinary. Our event packages are meticulously designed to suit a range of occasions. From private parties and celebrations to corporate meetings, showers, welcome events, and weddings, we offer personalized options that enhance the essence of each event.

Where are you located?
Nestled within the Cincinnati’s market district, POSH is located at 1905 Elm Street, Cincinnati OH 45202, Alongside other entrepreneurial businesses, it is just steps away from the iconic Findlay Market and the bustling Rhinegeist Brewery. Located in this vibrant neighborhood, POSH stands out as a sophisticated hub, enhancing your event with its unique charm and connectivity.

How long have you been open?
Since opening its doors in February 2023, POSH has become a hub for unforgettable experiences. Our elegant venue has hosted a variety of business events, meetings, and birthday celebrations that have left a lasting impression on our guests. The feedback we’ve received reflects their genuine satisfaction, as they’ve found something extraordinary in the ordinary moments we help create.

What is the inspiration behind POSH:
The inspiration behind POSH stems from a desire to provide a distinctive and inclusive event space that elevates the experience for all guests. The founders envisioned a place where sophistication meets accessibility, where upscale events could be enjoyed without limitations.

The inspiration was drawn from the idea that remarkable moments should not be reserved for a select few but should be accessible to a diverse range of individuals and occasions. The founders were also motivated by the bustling energy of downtown Cincinnati and the surrounding entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The aim was to create a space that not only offered elegance and charm but also seamlessly integrated with the dynamic neighborhood, enhancing the overall urban experience. Additionally, the founders were driven by a passion for crafting exceptional memories. The commitment to personalization, attention to detail, and the aspiration to make every event truly special were key factors that shaped the vision of POSH.

In essence, the inspiration behind POSH is a fusion of accessibility, sophistication, urban vitality, and a genuine dedication to providing memorable event experiences that cater to a wide spectrum of guests and occasions.

What is something that stands out about your business?
At our boutique event space, we hold a strong belief in making exceptional moments accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Our commitment to inclusivity and flexibility is unwavering, allowing us to cater to a wide range of financial considerations while maintaining high standards of quality.Whether you’re seeking an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, we take pride in providing practical options that cater to your specific needs.

Our space offers a blend of affordability and sophistication, allowing you to create meaningful memories without straining your finances. In a world where real value matters, we invite you to experience our space where genuine affordability meets genuine quality.

What do our guests most like about us as owners and operators of POSH?
These are some of the comments and positive feedback we’ve consistently received from clients:

  1. Attentive and Personalized Approach: Guests value the personalized attention and care they receive when working with us. Our dedication to understanding their specific needs and preferences resonates well, making them feel heard and understood.
  2. Professionalism and Expertise: Our guests often mention our professionalism and expertise in event planning and management. They feel confident in our ability to execute their vision seamlessly and handle any challenges that may arise.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: The flexibility we offer in tailoring events to their requirements is highly regarded. Guests appreciate our willingness to adapt and accommodate last-minute changes, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.
  4. Creativity and Uniqueness: Many guests find our approach to event design and execution creative and distinctive. They appreciate our efforts to infuse each event with a unique touch that sets their gatherings apart.
  5. Quality of Service: The quality of service provided by our team consistently stands out. Whether it’s the responsiveness to inquiries, the professionalism of our staff, or the overall smooth flow of the event, guests recognize and value our commitment to high standards.
  6. Attention to Detail: Our meticulous attention to even the smallest details has not gone unnoticed. Guests often mention how our thoroughness contributes to a polished and well-organized event.
  7. Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere: The inviting ambiance at POSH is frequently mentioned. Guests feel comfortable and at ease in our space, which adds to the overall positive experience.
  8. Transparent Communication: Open and transparent communication is something that guests appreciate. They find it easy to discuss ideas, concerns, and logistics with us, fostering a sense of trust.
  9. Memorable Experiences: Ultimately, guests value the memorable experiences we help create. From start to finish, they feel that we contribute significantly to the success of their events and the lasting impression they leave on attendees.

What’s the one thing people may not know about POSH?
At the helm of POSH, you’ll find a duo with diverse backgrounds. One co-owner is a scientist, while the other brings a gymnastics instruction background coupled with artistic flair. This combination infuses our venue with a unique blend of strategic thinking and creative execution.

This partnership results in a dynamic approach to event management. The scientific perspective ensures meticulous planning, while the artistic touch from the gymnastics instructor adds a layer of creativity to every detail. This pragmatic yet artistic approach defines the essence of POSH, where events are expertly managed with a dash of imaginative innovation.

Hilltop History

Cincinnati has some amazing views from its hilltops that surround the basin where Over-the-Rhine and downtown are located. On top of the hills are beautiful little parks. Two of my favorites are Fairview Park and Bellevue Park in Clifton Heights, which are within walking distance, with a classic Clifton saloon halfway between… perfect to stop in for a refresher.

I met my friends from BMW Store and Everything Cincy at Fairview Park, which also happens to be my backyard. It was a hazy day, but you could still take in the beautiful view. Fairview is located between Warner and Klotter St, and Ravine Street to the east. There is a one-way mile-long, tree-lined road that winds through the park with the entrance at 501 McMillian Street and ends at Ravine Street just below Warner.The land where Fairview sits was once called Brighton Hill when it was owned by Col. John Riddle. He was the blacksmith at Ft. Washington and at one time one of the largest landowners in the city. After his death, the southwest part of the hill was used as a quarry, and the meadow on the east side was a large vegetable garden. The produce was hauled down the hill to be sold in the downtown markets. By the 1850s, the land was subdivided into lots to be sold. Isaac J. Miller, who was a prominent lawyer and politician, purchased three lots on the newly built Fairview Ave. His house is still there! Miller helped build up the community of Fairview Heights. He, along with other prominent men of the city, helped to have the Fairview incline built at the end of Fairview Ave from McMicken Street and connected to a crosstown streetcar by way of McMillian. This connected the Millcreek valley to Clifton. The Fairview incline was the last incline to be built out of all five inclines in the city. It was built in 1894 with second-hand machinery salvaged from the rebuilding of the Bellevue incline.Almost all of the inclines had some kind of entertainment house at the top of the hills. Mt. Adams had the Highland House, Mt. Auburn had The Lookout House, the Elm Street incline had Bellevue House, and Price Hill had The Price Hill House. Fairview, however, didn’t have a big entertainment house, but it did have a small saloon and wine garden located on the Miller property on the hillside. You can still see the entrance to the wine cellar that supplied the saloon from the road in the park.

After taking in the views at Fairview, make your way east down Warner St. When you hit Clifton Ave, slip on into Murphy’s Pub for a cold one. Chances are, if you went to the University of Cincinnati, you’ve had a drink at Murphy’s. Originally, in 1938, the building that Murphy’s is in was a place called Virgil Hann’s Cafe. In 1958, Charles Mahoney opened Mahoney’s Pub until 1969 when two local men by the name of Mr. Bailey and an Irish man named Mr. Murphy took it over. Apparently, Mr. Murphy went back to Ireland and was never heard from again, so they named the bar after him. Murphy’s has always had cold beer and great music on their little stage in the back room. I remember when I was 17 in 1989, seeing the band Nirvana at Murphy’s. This was before they became big, and the show was like 2 or 3 bucks to get in. It was freakin’ EPIC!!! My friends and I all had fake IDs from the photo place on the corner of McMillan and Ohio, IYKYK. Today, students still flock down to Murphy’s, and on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s absolutely insane there!After having a drink and reminiscing about the good old days, we make our way down Warner to Ohio St and make a right. A little way down is the entrance to Bellevue Park and another beautiful view of Downtown Cincinnati.

In the early 1830s, the place near where Bellevue Hill is was a little village called Jerusalem. In 1876, an incline was built from the end of Elm Street up to the summit of Bellevue, which connected Downtown to Clifton, Burnet Woods, and the zoo. Along with the incline, the Bellevue House was built. The Bellevue House was a large entertainment venue with a dance hall, billiard rooms and ballrooms, a beer hall, and a beer garden. They only served Moerlein beer, which made sense seeing that the Brewery was down the hill from the incline on Elm and Christian Morelein himself lived on Ohio Street at the top. It featured a huge octagon tower with wrap-around verandas to take in the view. The whole structure seemed to float over the cliffside. The building was designed by famous architect James W. McLaughlin. Going up to the Bellevue House was special. Families would dress in their Sunday best, men would bring their best girl, they would eat German food, and sing and dance to nostalgic German songs. The best orchestras would play at the Bellevue. They would go through at least 100 kegs of beer a day! The Bellevue was a Sunday playground of gorgeousness to break up the monotony of the workweek in German-American lives. It must have been so much fun. Unfortunately, the Bellevue House, along with other hilltop entertainment venues, closed in the late 1880s, mostly due to blue laws prohibiting the selling of alcohol on Sundays. The building was turned into a car house for streetcars until 1901 when the whole structure burned to the ground. The Elm Street incline lasted until 1927 and then closed. In the 1940s, the Cincinnati Park Board purchased the land from the Cincinnati Railway Company for a city park. Irwin M. Krohn was the parks chairman at the time and proposed maybe building another beer hall on the site, but that fell through. In the 1950s, the beautiful modern canopy structures were built by Carl Freund. We still get to enjoy them today along with the magnificent view! We are so lucky to live in such a jewel of a city with such a rich history that can be admired from the hilltops!

Written by: Molly Wellmann

Cincinnati Was Once Called the Beer Capital of the World in 1890.

Brewers in Cincinnati made a lot of beer and the majority of what was brewed here was also consumed here.

Cincinnati’s Beer History

Cincinnati has a long history of brewing beer. One of the first brewers in Cincinnati was a man named James Dover. He had a bakery on Sycamore Street near the market on the river where he also brewed and sold porters and ales. In 1806, he advertised in the Liberty Hall newspaper that he was looking to purchase 500 lbs of hops, 1000 bushels of barley, and 500 gallons of honey. He started a brewery that lasted until about 1811.

Another early brewer was David Embree. He built his brewery on the banks of the Ohio River between Elm and Race Streets. He also brewed Ale and Porter as that was the popular choice in those days in America. This brewery lasted until about 1838.

Daniel Symmes, who was the 6th Mayor of Cincinnati, had a brewery in 1817. He was partners in that brewery with Joel Williams who had built the first tavern in Cincinnati. Joel was also a distiller in Butler County. Their brewery was located at Pike and Congress near where Lytle park is now.

The Beer Growth of Cincinnati

Cincinnati grew steadily in the early 1800’s, and by the 1840’s the population boomed when many German immigrants started to move here bringing with them their customs and love for lager beer. Lager beer was much lighter and crisper than the English ales and porters.

Making lager required a different process than just brewing ales or common beer. The yeast for lager beer ferments at the bottom and required a consistent dry temperature of 32-48 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the German immigrants dug tunnels into the sides of the hills surrounding Cincinnati and also several stories below street level. These cellar’s were large enough to ferment and store the beer and had large ice blocks to control the temperature.

At the height of beer brewing, Cincinnati had around 36 breweries making millions of gallons of lager beer! And making millionaires of the men who founded the breweries!

Exploring Cincinnati’s Beer & Hidden History

There are a lot of ways to explore and learn more about brewing history in Cincinnati! One way is to take tour with American Legacy Tours. They will take you around town to tell the story of Over the Rhine. You even get to explore the old lathering tunnels underneath the buildings.

After your tour, you will make your way to Nothern Row Brewery and Distillery at 111w. McMicken. They are housed in the old Morelein ice house from 1895. It’s such a cool place with historic touch’s everywhere! Including a 61 ft. row boat from the 1936 Olympics hanging on the ceiling, and the massive 1908 Brunswick bar back! The Brunswick company started making saloon fixtures in Cincinnati, so it is a fun touch of history! Make sure you order one of their amazing beers or my favorite, the Cincinnati Gin that I’ve been lucky enough to partner with them on!

Another super cool place to enjoy the historic lager callers is to make a reservation for a table at Ghost baby! Ghost baby is located 4 stories under the 1313 Vine Street Building. The entrance is located in the back on Republic Street between 13th and 14th Streets. It’s such an amazing place with fantastic cocktails and the best live Jazz music! Make sure you make a reservation to get a table before you go, as it is always packed! Cincinnati is just full of magic and what’s better is that you get to explore so much….often with a drink in hand! I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Written by Molly Wellmann

Brought to you by: BMW Dealer in Cincinnati | The BMW Store

Richter & Phillips | Engagement Rings, Watches, Custom Jewelry | Online Jewelry Store

Murals of The Cincy Wallflower

Artwork & Photos by: Rebekah Del Matto

Throughout the Queen City area there are over 30 charming murals made by Rebekah Del Matto also known as The Cincy Wallflower. She is a local Muralist for hire that will amaze you with how she can transform any space that you have into a work of art! Her murals add incredible visual elements that can be created on just about any surface and at any location. Many of her pieces are lovely accent walls in homes, businesses, and now in parks!


“I love so much about what I do. I have always
been in customer service and went to DAAP for Fine Arts. I think in a way it’s combining the two skills I’ve worked on the most. Being a custom mural artist you have to be flexible to work with so many different people and really enjoy the hands-on part of installing the mural. I love working with each client in tweaking my style to fit theirs. Sometimes you get lucky in getting a job where you have full creative freedom but a lot of it is learning about the person’s style/business and making sure it suits their wants/needs. I love when I make something I’m excited about but that the client is even more.”

Rebekah is always gracious to share insights about her experiences as The Cincy Wallflower. We had the pleasure of getting more familiar with everything that she does by asking her a few questions about her creative pursuits. She graciously provided us with fantastic details to her collaborations that brought new meaning to the positive
influence that Art can make on an environment and the community. There are endless opportunities to be enchanted by The Cincy Wallflower paintings and the list of locations that the public can view her murals is growing rapidly.

I have been honored to work in some awesome locations in Cincy/Northern Kentucky. You can see my work at Arnold’s Bar & Grill, UGO Gelato, Lunar Beauty Bar, Goose & Elder, Washington Park, Ziegler Park, Madtree Alcove, Bomb Cat Salon, Garden Grove Organics, and a handful of new locations that are soon to be open!”

Take a journey exploring these amazing places to see the diversity among the different styles of murals that Rebekah specializes in. There isn’t any idea too far out there that this talented artist won’t entertain to create!

“I view each project as a victory and
challenge and when they are complete
you can’t help but feel a little proud.
The two murals that make me feel
most proud would be the one located
at UGO Gelato and a mural I painted
for a local Airbnb. The Airbnb mural is
a project that I feel represents how my
art career has been connected and
grown. It’s a golden mustard backdrop
with smaller floral and illustrated
elements that created a wallpaper
effect. I have always been obsessed
with wallpaper and I think that’s where
my obsession with murals came from. I
love pieces that use the color and style
of the space to elevate and unite the

UGO gelato is a mural displaying Sicily’s famous prickly pear. It was such a fun way to stick to my ‘color- blocking’ style but at a slightly smaller scale to add depth and detail. This mural is the one that is most often re-posted. It’s so much fun to see others enjoying the art and really see how art can be used to excite others and also bring attention to the business.”

At Arnold’s Bar and Grill are themed wall paintings that are inspired by the fascinating history and aesthetics of the restaurant. The murals reference the past and interpret the imagery in contemporary ways that are delightful to look at and fun to take selfies with!” Their Chef, Kayla Robison was one of the first people to commission The Cincy Wallflower to create a piece specific to what she loves to do for a living in her personal kitchen that she does a lot of cooking in! Kayla often films how to shows in her kitchen and you can catch a glimpse of the custom made mural.


“The first mural I ever painted was for a
friend/coworker Kayla Robison and it
was in her kitchen at home. Since she is
a chef in the city she wanted a food
inspired mural to be the backdrop to her
cooking segments she films in her
kitchen. She had full confidence in me
and actually gave me freedom in how I
executed her vision. To be technical it
wasn’t actually painted with a brush but
was created with paint markers since it
was an intricate wall of illustrations
displaying various vegetables. This
illustration style has popped up in a
handful of other murals I have done and
was such a fun starting point in my
creative path as a muralist.”

Artwork by: Rebekah Del Matto
Photo by: Kayla Robinson
Model: Luna Robinson

For each mural The Cincy Wallflower goes over concepts with you to bring the perfect design ideas to life for any desired destination! She goes through the entire process with you from start to finish to ensure that the outcome is exactly how you envisioned it to be.

“I think working in nurseries and playrooms is so much fun! Especially if it’s for a first time mother. One nursery I painted was for a couple that I met from bartending. When they found out that they were pregnant they reached out and wanted an arch of flowers around their crib. It was so sweet to have a full circle of friendship and go from being regulars at the bar to getting to work with them in creating a sentimental mural for their next step in becoming parents. We worked together to create a color floral piece and got to add a couple of Iris’ to represent her grandmother’s favorite flower.”

Her website is extremely user friendly and very easy to navigate through. On her site will discover some of her fabulous pieces in her online gallery to get inspiration and maybe even start planning a mural as a gift for Mothers Day coming up!
Written by: Christen Collins
Art and Photos by Rebekah Del Matto

Featured Mother’s Day Brunches


  • Join us on Mother’s Day for Brunch from 10am to 3pm

Butcher & Barrel 

  • Brunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a special brunch menu. Appetizers, salads and sides will also be available.

Cincinnati Art Museum 

  • – In addition to the free general admission to the museum you can always enjoy, the Terrace Cafe is offering a Mother’s Day brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Reservations are required and cost $43.95 per person or $19.95 for children 12 and under. Children under 4 are free.


  • brunch buffet will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will be $75 for adults, $55 for seniors 55 and older, and $19 for children ages 4-12. Children under 4 are free.


  • Join us to celebrate Mom and kick off a new Brunch menu at Frankie’s! 


  • Adults are $30, and children under 12 are $12. Coffee, soda, iced tea and lemonade are included in the menu price. LouVino will have a special brunch menu for Mother’s Day, and its regular brunch menu will not be available. 

Hofbrauhaus Newport 

  • Treat your mom to a lovely brunch at Hofbrauhaus Newport Brewery & Restaurant this Mother’s Day! Gather the whole family as Hofbrauhaus serves delicious brunch favorites plus yummy cocktails! Need to find the perfect last-minute gift for mom? Don’t worry; Hofbrauhaus has you covered with 20% off everything in its gift shop, just for mom.

Metropolitan Club

  • Join us for our Mother’s Day brunch. Enjoy a lovely day with your mom and family! 

Moerlein Lager House

  • Enjoy Mother’s Day weekend with brunch from Moerlein Lager House on May 13th-14th from 10am to 3pm! We’ll have our full brunch menu plus specialty menu items like our quiche with roasted red pepper, sausage, and fontina cheese. As well as mimosa flights and a special dessert trio of assorted Servatii pastries. 



  • Join us at Prime for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. Reservations available from 11am to 8pm


  • Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Mothers Day? Join us for a special Mother’s Day brunch from 11am – 3pm. Shiners is please to bring to the table and delicious Brunch menu featuring our signature dishes like our all new Angeled Eggs, Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes, Brioche Stuffed French Toast, Big Ol’ Biscuit & Gravy, and more! In addition, our patio is open and we are offering a full Mimosa Bar with fresh fruits and purées to dress up your drinks and enjoy in the sunshine! Make your reservation today by visiting our website

Street City Pub

  • Join us at Street City Pub for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. Reservations available from 11am to 6pm. 

The Summit Hotel

  • Celebrate the special women in your life with a decadent Mother’s Day brunch at the Summit Hotel. Reservations are available from 11am to 1pm. 

The View at Shires Garden 

  • Brunch will be served from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on May 14. The standard brunch menu will be offered until 3 p.m., with dinner from 3:30-9 p.m. Outdoor reservations are not permitted due to weather unpredictability.

Jobs in the City (4/25)

Talbert House
Positions Hiring For: Professional Development Liaison
Talbert House empowers children, adults and families to live healthy, safe and productive lives. The agency’s network of services focuses on prevention, assessment, treatment and reintegration. Services are provided at multiple sites throughout Southwest Ohio. With a focus on quality, integrated behavioral health and primary care, Talbert House operates in the following five service lines: Addictions, Community Care, Court and Corrections, Housing and Mental Health. 

Click Here to Apply.
Pink Ribbon Good
Positions Hiring For: Peer Support and Education Coordinator, Cincinnati Transportation Specialist
Pink Ribbon Good provides healthy meals, rides to treatment, housecleaning services, cancer education and peer support to breast and gynecological cancer patients and their families, independent of age, stage or socio-economic status and free of charge.
To learn more and apply email
MegaCorp Pavillion
Positions Hiring For: Marketing Internship
With over 180 events a year, MegaCorp Pavilion accommodates indoor audiences of up to 2,700 and an outdoor capacity for summer shows of up to 7,000 concert goers.
To learn more and apply email
The Plant Dads
Positions Hiring For: Kiosk Staff
The Plant Dads was born with the goal of making shopping for plants online, and in person, as enjoyable as it should be. We provide a large array of houseplants: from small desk plants, succulents, indoor and outdoor ferns, and even plants that will grow to become real statement pieces for any room. We take pride in the plants that we offer, and carefully select the best-quality plants for you. We have both part-time and full-time openings, plant knowledge necessary.
Click Here to Apply and Learn More.
Moerlein Lager house
Positions Hiring For: Multiple Positions
Prominently situated in the dynamic Smale Riverfront Park, the Moerlein Lager House offers a guest experience unlike any other – a working microbrewery producing a full line of Moerlein craft brews and delectable fare reminiscent of foods served in the city’s celebrated 19th century beer gardens.The Moerlein Lager House celebrates Cincinnati’s brewing heritage, while growing a new generation of craft beer lovers that enjoy the time-tested traditions of matching freshly brewed beer with freshly made food.
Click Here to Apply.
Positions Hiring For: Summer Camp Counselors 
A career at the Y is more than a job – it’s an experience. That’s because the Y is more than a gym – it’s a cause! We work daily to positively impact lives through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.
Click Here to Apply.

Savings & Deals in the City (4/18)

Longworth-Anderson Series
BOGO 1/2 Off LAS Concerts
Woodhouse Day Spa’s
Mother’s Day Promo
Logan A/C and Heat Services
NEW Customers: $79 Service Call
Elevate Nutrition
Mega Tea Monday’s
Buy 4, Get 4 Free
Western Athletic Club
Learn Tennis Now for just $59
The Bark Park & Patio
15% off Pet Industry
Livio Med Spa
$100 Off Lip Filler

History and Hidden Gems Featuring Molly Wellmann

Brought to you by The BMW Store & Richter & Philips

Richter and Phillips History

Richter & Phillips was started by George Richter and Ferdinand Phillips in 1896. The first store was located on Race St. near 4th. In 1903 they moved to 5th and Main and then to the Temple Bar building on East Court St. across from the courthouse. By 1977, they moved the store to the Gwynne Building on 6th and Main, and, finally, in 2016, across the street where they are today. 

George Richter was the son of Norbert Richter, who was also a jeweler. The Richter family moved to Cincinnati from Germany in 1850. Norbert worked for Edward and David Kinsey Jewelers on 5th St. near the 5th St. Market. The store’s balcony is where Abraham Lincoln made his pre-election speech in 1859. Norbert opened his own Jewelry store in 1861 on Vine St. in Over-the-Rhine. All 4 of Norbert Richter’s sons went into the jewelry business. George specialized in jewelry and making spectacles.

Ferdinand Phillips was the brother-in-law and partner to Aaron and Joseph Plaut. They were jewelry wholesalers with a shop in the Emery Arcade. Ferdinand specialized in watchmaking. He was in charge of buying for Richter & Phillips and traveled frequently. Eventually, Ferdinand’s brothers joined the firm. 

Richter & Phillips offered their customers catalog shopping. Items were available in the nationwide mail-order catalogs, including jewelry, giftware, luggage, purses, trophies, plaques, clocks, electrical appliances, sporting goods, musical instruments, dolls, and toys. Charles E. Richter, a nephew to George Richter, became Phillips’s partner when George left the firm in 1900. Charles ran the firm until the 1930s. The Great Depression hit Richter & Phillips hard. Frederick W. Fehr, a traveling diamond salesman, purchased the business to keep this Cincinnati institution afloat! Fred Fehr and his right-hand man, Lawrence Fledderman, continued running The Richter & Phillips Company in the same capacity through World War II. Located in the Temple Bar Building. Mr. Fehr handled all diamond and jewelry deals. At the same time, Mr. Fledderman took care of business. In 1946, Fred’s son Fred jr, started to work in the store, eventually taking the reins after his father’s retirement. In 1981, after becoming a Graduate Gemologist, Fred Fehr Jr.’s son, Frederick W. Fehr, III (Rick), joined the staff at The Richter & Phillips Company. Upon hiring, Rick took over all diamond and gemstone purchasing and sales.

In 1990, Fred Fehr, Jr.’s other son, Arthur (Art) Fehr, joined the staff after becoming a Graduate Gemologist. Soon after, Rick & Art’s sister, Christy Vigil, joined the team taking over inventory management and constantly adding new lines to our ever-growing collection.

Rounding out the true feeling of the family-owned business, Rick’s son, Eric (4th generation), has joined the line of Fehr’s at Richter & Phillips Jewelers. After studying and performing law for almost a decade, Eric decided to take a leap of faith and take on his family legacy. As of 2017, Eric is a Graduate Gemologist and serves as Richter & Phillips’ President.

Today at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, you can find Rick, Eric, and Christy busy at their desks or assisting customers in the showroom.

Richter & Phillips specializes in diamonds, watches, and jewelry as they do today. I’m confident that they are the most trustworthy store for buying diamonds. They hold many events at the store, including Drinks & Diamonds, where Eric Fehr teaches you everything you need to know about looking for the perfect diamond! Richter & Phillips are continuing the rich history of Cincinnati jewelers! They are genuinely a Cincinnati gem!

The BMW Store History

The BMW store in Silverton is a special store not only is it a place to purchase a beautiful BMW but it also has a mini BMW museum. It’s really cool.

Cincinnatian’s love their automobiles. BMW a German car company, makes so much sense in our Germantown. Cincinnati has always loved their cars and we had quite a few car manufactures back in the day.

The first recorded auto being made in cincinnati was in 1891 by William George Wagenhals. ( oh my gosh I love his last name! Wagenhals! So cute!) He was the General manager of the Cincinnati Incline Plane Railroad Company. He called his little car “The Flivver” imagine this ….. it’s a usual quiet September Sunday morning in St. Bernard 1891. You are joining your neighbors on your way to church when all of the sudden from down Vine street you hear “BANG !BANG!RICKETY!POP POP! BANG! Coming from a little horseless two seater buggy chugging up the street surrounded in smoke with Mr. Wagenhals at the wheel .what a sight that must have been! 

William built his Car in his spare time in the old St. Bernard street car barns.he selected a two setter buggy, cut the shafts, and put in a one cylinder motor in the front part of the buggy there was no reverse and you used a hand brake to stop it.

William Wagenhals went on to become an accomplished mechanical engineer. He moved to St. Louis and then to Detroit and opened his own automobile factory. He was known for making small 3 wheeled delivery cars that made it easy to get around the crowded inner city. 

Since Wagenhals bumpy ride in 1891 there have been many automobiles made in Cincinnati in this early days. Most were made by established Carriage builders. Cincinnatis carriage manufacturing industry was one of the largest in the United States.

Emerson &Fischer pivoted from making Carriages in 1896… the company didn’t last long after that. Horace Fischer went on to form his own company a few years later.

Cane and Breed were coffin Makers who got into the automobile business in 1902 they made a horseless hearse.

Jacob Haberer was a successful carriage maker in cincinnati for many years. He and his Five sons owned Haberer co. Jacob Died in 1901 at his Sadamsville’s home. Jacob f. Haberer jr. Became president and started making The 4 cylinder “Cin-o” toeing car. It could drive the furthest then any car at that time. They went out of business in 1913.

Even Shillitos made an Automobile! 

By the 1920s, car manufacturers in Detroit and Henry Ford made it hard to compete in the automobile industry and pretty much all the small car company’s in Cincinnati went out of business.

These days there are many car dealerships thru out our city . I had the pleasure of touring the BMW store on Stewart rd. and it was such a treat! 

BMW was started in 1916 in Munich when the Rapp Motoren werke company, a struggling aircraft engine manufacture owned by Karl f. Rapp, was taken over by Austrians Frank Popp and Maxx Friz. They merged their company with another aircraft engine manufacture called Gustav Flugmaschinefabin owned by Gustav Otto. They called their new company, Beyersiche Flugzevgwerke. Eventually they change the name to Bayersiche Motoren Werke … Bavarian Motor Works ….. BMW.

The company made aircraft engines, motorcycles and automobiles until most of their factories were bombed during  World War One. After the war they were forbidden to make any motor vehicles or air craft in their remaining factory in west Germany. For the company to survive those years , the made pots and pans and bicycles. By 1928 they were back in production, automobiles was now their main business.

Today BMW is one of the top Automobile Brands in the world with an emphasis on class, quality and, performance.

The BMW store is a very special place. They are dedicated to help Cincinnatians continue their passion for Autombils today! Passion loves Company!  

Click here to take the tour!

Written by Molly Wellmann

BMW Dealer in Cincinnati | The BMW Store

Richter & Phillips | Engagement Rings, Watches, Custom Jewelry | Online Jewelry Store

Jobs in the City (4/11)

Allie’s Walkabout
Positions Hiring For: Kennel Tech, Dog Handler and Front Desk
Every position at the Allie’s Walkabout operates as a discrete job function with scheduled, activities that specify the manner in which we do everything. Our customers have very high expectations because we are caring for a member of their family.
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Alcove by MadTree Brewing
Positions Hiring For: Line Cook, Prep Cook
Located at 1410 Vine Street in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine district, Alcove is a kitchen and bar that is warm, inviting and casual and features MadTree beers and house-made cocktails, sustainably-sourced wines and a range of seasonal farm-to-table offerings. Alcove’s main space features a large bar, lounge seating, dining areas and two intimate private dining rooms for small groups. 
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Positions Hiring For: Lifeguard
A career at the Y is more than a job – it’s an experience. That’s because the Y is more than a gym – it’s a cause! We work daily to positively impact lives through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.
Click Here to Apply.
Rich’s Proper Food and Drink
Positions Hiring For: Server/Bartender 
We are looking for an experienced server/bartender to provide an excellent guest experience. Good bartenders will be able to create classic and innovative drinks exceeding customers’ needs and expectations. Compensation includes hourly and tips. Saturday and Sunday availability preferred.
Click Here to Apply.
Voices of America Country Music Festival
Positions Hiring For: Festival Team Member
The Voices of America Country Music Fest launches in August 2023. The multi-day event takes place in the heart of West Chester, Ohio at the Voice of America Museum. This event will bring together nationally recognized country music artists including Old Dominion, Chris Young, Dan + Shay, and Alabama. Also included in the lineup are Lainey Wilson, Jake Owen, Riley Green, Gabby Barrett and 30 more of country’s hottest artist. VOACMF will also highlight local talent, local eats, and some of the nation’s most respected brands.
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NYXX Cycle
Positions Hiring For: Front Desk Employees, Social Media Intern/Manager
NYXX cycle classes are a full body workout that is to the beat of the music and built by your instructor to be different every class. Our classes will encourage you to feel strong, motivated, and challenged. We are here to guide and encourage you to push beyond limits you never thought possible. Employees receive a free membership for 3-6 hours per week!To learn more and apply email

Spring is in The Art!

Spring in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is one of the most beautiful cities, no matter what season it is. But, it’s especially vibrant around this time of year- Spring! Throughout the area are colorful and fun things to see and do for everyone. Simply take a walk through our many lovely neighborhoods and parks to admire the scenery or attend an event celebrating the essence of Spring with new beginnings and opportunities in the community!

Flower Mural in OTR

Colorful Flower Mural in Over-The-Rhine on a Garage
‘Flower Wall’ Art by: Cody Gunningham
Photo by: Christen Collins

On 13th street in Downtown Cincinnati is a delightful mural painted on a garage door known as “Flower Wall”. This wall is perfect to take photographs of or with! This piece is by local Artist Cody Gunningham, and you can find more of his work nearby at the bar Lost & Found OTR, which features a lot of other cool art as well.

Visit Cody’s work here:

Tunes and Blooms – The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo
Tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo
Photo by: Christen Collins

For the entire month of April, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens becomes a spectacular display of flowers and has the largest tulip collection in the Midwest. This incredible event is a wonderful sensory experience that is full of life!

In addition, the zoo hosts “Tunes and Bloomsevery Thursday night from 5pm – 8:30pm with outstanding musical acts that will have your spirts so high that you won’t be able to resist joining in on the singing and dancing! Enjoy music by: The Harmed Brothers, Kryst Kruer, Kiely Connell, Michael Moeller, Carriers, Rucca, Moonshine Drive, and Linus Tate Unplugged.

Spring Rhythm – ADC Fine Art 

adc Fine Art Spring Rhythm flyer

ADC Fine Art and Art Design Consultants have a massive gallery space that showcases amazing art that expresses different meaningful themes.  Check out their “Spring Rhythm” exhibition located in the West End.

“We are more than an art gallery, and more than a consultancy. Our mission is to create beautiful environments using extraordinary artwork from contemporary living artists.”

Makers in Nature: Spring Edition – Imago Nature Preserve 

Makers in Nature series flyer: Spring Edition April 16th

Join the Imago Nature Preserve for their “Maker in Nature” event that connects you to the natural world and the art that’s part of it!  Learn and discover fascinating things while making new creations! Reserve tickets online now for April 16, 2023, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm!

“Celebrate the coming of spring! Join us for this approachable, fun, and creative art and crafting experience! In the spirit of being makers we will introduce several choices for creating spring-inspired works of art that you can take home (and one you can leave for us at Imago). All Imago’s programs (and this one in particular) focus on upcycling or reusing and repurposing materials.”