Arrowhead Music Festival

This special autumn gathering is a great way to take a few days off for the weekend and enjoy the wonderment of being in nature while listening and dancing to music under the open sky!  The festivities will be held on a breathtaking farm that’s tucked away in the forestland of Northern Kentucky.  Arrowhead Music Festival will feature incredible live music, informative workshops on permaculture, local art, yoga, walking trails, and plenty of space for camping with a bonfire overlooking a gorgeous lake!

Come together to connect with yourself and other like-minded people, experience inspiring music, open your mind up to new things, and embrace delightful free flowing fun all around you!  The lineup is outstanding and you don’t want to miss a second of it!  Some of the musicians include, Siri Imani featuring Jess Lamb and The Factory, Natural Onyx, Sister Stone, and so much more!

One of the coolest things about this event is that its intention is to promote positive, happy, and healthy lifestyles by being a substance free interactive environment.  The festival will be located in Petersburg, KY at Treasure Lake on October 22nd – October 24th.

“Arrowhead is inspired by the elements- Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire- and our programming is meant to reflect that.  Arrowhead is 100% substance free, meaning no drugs or alcohol are permitted on the festival grounds.  We’re gathering to get high on life, to embrace sobriety as its own type of drug, and to explore the potential of un-influenced human awareness.”

We asked the creator Anthony Schneider to share a little bit about his background and what his pursuit is and this is what he had to say,

“I’m passionate about self-examination, self expression, community organization, and cultural progression.  In 2019 I founded the NVRLND Tribe, a Media Group and Digital Agency that creates content and produces experiences which inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.  Additionally, NVRLND Tribe offers intuitive operations and systems support for transformational events, facilitators, and coaches. This includes web/backend, payment, communication, branding, and on-the-ground operations strategies and implementation.  I’m currently based in Cincinnati, OH where I’m able to facilitate intentional experiences through my community organization Positive Life: Cincinnati.  I also travel frequently to keep up with my tribe.”

“For our launch event we’re getting back to the basics and keeping things small. Good music, good people, good food, positive, health-focused intentions, and communion with our Mother Earth.  Arrowhead is an intimate celebration of life, community and nature.  Join us on 60 beautiful acres as we launch this mini Transformational Music Festival set in the rolling hills of the Ohio River Valley.  If any of these things resonate with you then buy your ticket now!”

Written By: Christen Collins

Dance Party Event

Lotus Night Club – Cincy Presents

 “Full Moon Masquerade Dance Party”

One of Cincinnati’s historic theaters is now the home to a monthly themed costume dance party in Northside!  Liberty Exhibition Hall is a non-profit social organization that supports positive artistic opportunities in a collaborative environment and they have a lot of exciting things to get involved in like the “Full Moon Masquerade Dance Party”!

The party is hosted by Locus Night Club – Cincy, a DIY collective that aims to connect people in new and profound ways!  This event isn’t just a dance with a mystical theme but it’s also a lively celebration of the creative community and a one of a kind party to immersive yourself in! It’s a movement to experience pure enjoyment, while transcending to enlightenment and you don’t want to miss a second of it!

“This Midsummer Night’s Eve, the Buck Moon beacons the release of the wild side in a Magical Forest just north of the city. Beasts and fairies frolic together throughout the night, stirring up trouble and delight.

At this Masquerade, beasts and fairies of all kinds are welcome. Find a Costume and Dress to Express. Themed Make-up design? No mask required.”

The event promotes self-expression through costume design, set decoration, dance, music, performances, and so much more while providing a space for liberation and acceptance that is approachable in welcoming ways for everyone to participate in.

The theme comes to life as your imagination runs wild in this incredible place that is transformed into a magical realm full of whimsical enchantment and playfulness!

As if you’re a character in an interactive play to engage in as you choose.

Everything you need to have a memorable and pleasant time will be there!  You can expect two bars for drinks, a local food truck, plenty of seating with tables and a lounge area to vibe out in.  There will be DJs, live performances, tarot card readings, face painting, and art all around you!

This festival extravaganza will be held on Saturday, Jul 24, 2021 from 7:30 PM – 2:am Sun, Jul 25, 2021, 2:00 AM at Liberty Exhibition Hall, 3938 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223.  Tickets are between $10-$40 and can be purchased online or at the door. You can find out more about the event and even get tips on where to purchase your costume on their Eventbrite Link!  And don’t forget that costumes and good energy are required!

Written By: Christen Collins