Cincinnati Was Once Called the Beer Capital of the World in 1890.

Brewers in Cincinnati made a lot of beer and the majority of what was brewed here was also consumed here.

Cincinnati’s Beer History

Cincinnati has a long history of brewing beer. One of the first brewers in Cincinnati was a man named James Dover. He had a bakery on Sycamore Street near the market on the river where he also brewed and sold porters and ales. In 1806, he advertised in the Liberty Hall newspaper that he was looking to purchase 500 lbs of hops, 1000 bushels of barley, and 500 gallons of honey. He started a brewery that lasted until about 1811.

Another early brewer was David Embree. He built his brewery on the banks of the Ohio River between Elm and Race Streets. He also brewed Ale and Porter as that was the popular choice in those days in America. This brewery lasted until about 1838.

Daniel Symmes, who was the 6th Mayor of Cincinnati, had a brewery in 1817. He was partners in that brewery with Joel Williams who had built the first tavern in Cincinnati. Joel was also a distiller in Butler County. Their brewery was located at Pike and Congress near where Lytle park is now.

The Beer Growth of Cincinnati

Cincinnati grew steadily in the early 1800’s, and by the 1840’s the population boomed when many German immigrants started to move here bringing with them their customs and love for lager beer. Lager beer was much lighter and crisper than the English ales and porters.

Making lager required a different process than just brewing ales or common beer. The yeast for lager beer ferments at the bottom and required a consistent dry temperature of 32-48 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the German immigrants dug tunnels into the sides of the hills surrounding Cincinnati and also several stories below street level. These cellar’s were large enough to ferment and store the beer and had large ice blocks to control the temperature.

At the height of beer brewing, Cincinnati had around 36 breweries making millions of gallons of lager beer! And making millionaires of the men who founded the breweries!

Exploring Cincinnati’s Beer & Hidden History

There are a lot of ways to explore and learn more about brewing history in Cincinnati! One way is to take tour with American Legacy Tours. They will take you around town to tell the story of Over the Rhine. You even get to explore the old lathering tunnels underneath the buildings.

After your tour, you will make your way to Nothern Row Brewery and Distillery at 111w. McMicken. They are housed in the old Morelein ice house from 1895. It’s such a cool place with historic touch’s everywhere! Including a 61 ft. row boat from the 1936 Olympics hanging on the ceiling, and the massive 1908 Brunswick bar back! The Brunswick company started making saloon fixtures in Cincinnati, so it is a fun touch of history! Make sure you order one of their amazing beers or my favorite, the Cincinnati Gin that I’ve been lucky enough to partner with them on!

Another super cool place to enjoy the historic lager callers is to make a reservation for a table at Ghost baby! Ghost baby is located 4 stories under the 1313 Vine Street Building. The entrance is located in the back on Republic Street between 13th and 14th Streets. It’s such an amazing place with fantastic cocktails and the best live Jazz music! Make sure you make a reservation to get a table before you go, as it is always packed! Cincinnati is just full of magic and what’s better is that you get to explore so much….often with a drink in hand! I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Written by Molly Wellmann

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Things to do Tuesdays; Solo in the City with Tiff in the Morning

Hi I’m Tiff of Tiff in the Morning on Kiss 1071 (heard weekdays 6-10a on iHeartRadio)

I do a lot of things alone…As someone who lived solo in city of Cincy for 4 years I’ve got this down to a science. Join me for tips on how to enjoy experiences alone during various activities…

Tonight I went to a comedy show/dinner at OTR eatery at the DT Kroger. Its centrally located in the city and the atmosphere lends itself to causal conversation, good food, and… grocery shopping if needed.

*Bonus Tiff tip: grocery shopping is a great conversation starter.

For this type of setting my number one recommendation is to sit and chat with the bartender, it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a great start. Bartender who are not busy are often open to chatting, sharing recommendations, and will often bridge the gap to other people solo in the bar.

Easy questions to start:

  • “What do you recommend on tap?”
  • “What’s a typical night here look like?”
  • “ What else happens at this place, that I might like?”

My second recommendation is; If you find common ground with someone, exchange Instagram handles. This eliminated having to exchanges numbers with someone who don’t really care about (yet.)

*Bonus Tiff tip: FOLLOW UP! That’s my secret sauce, if I meet you and we hit it off, I will reach out and
DM within a day or two. I never wait for someone to come to me, its nothing personal, but people get
caught in their busy schedules.

  1. My final recommendation is… just do it. You usually wont regret the experience, but it’s natural for your mind to talk you out of it… hell! Our body literally protects us from things that are uncomfortable.

*bonus Tiff tip: I usually tell myself “Stay for 30 mins Tiff, then you can decide.”

Everything Cincy has loads of things to get you started … she does all the research, so you don’t have too, then stop by Tiff in the Morning Tuesday 9:20 for tips of the week.

Follow @thetiffpotter & @everythingcincy for more.

Brewery List Announced For Beer, Booze & Bonks 2022

Beer, Booze & Bonks

The invitation only beer festival taking place this Saturday, November 19th at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati, has announced the final list of breweries that will be showcased at the event. Twenty-three breweries from Greater Cincinnati will be attending with many of those bringing multiple beer selections.

“Beer, Booze & Bonks!”, is unique to our area. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky breweries can only attend if they are chosen by the event committee. Further, committee members then choose the best beer, seltzer or spirit, in their opinion, that these breweries produce to be showcased at “Beer, Booze & Bonks!”. The committee is headed by The Gnarly Gnome and includes several beer and brewery thought leaders from the region.

Beer, Booze, and Bonks Flyer

The exclusive, invite-only, list of Cincinnati Breweries and distilleries is set to feature local favorites like Third Eye Brewing, Streetside, Fibonacci, Nine Giant, Cartridge, High Grain, Dogberry and West Side Brewing. It’s rare to find this collection of breweries and the exclusive beers chosen all in one place.

The event is open to the public and tickets include the ability to sample all breweries and their beers. Tickets also include unlimited Fowling and one beverage from the infamous “Mystery Beer Machine”, which lets fate decide which libation you’ll be enjoying. Food trucks and vendors will be on-site. The event will also be supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters, who will be pouring beers and collecting donations.

Event Details

Two sessions are available. For ticket information and details, visit:

“Beer, Booze & Bonks” will be held on Saturday, November 19th at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati. Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati is also home to the regions first and only Cincy Seltzer Fest and the Official Bengals Tailgate Watch Parties for 2022. Fowling Warehouse has 47,000 square feet of event space and Fowling will be included with entry. Tickets and more information can be found at:

Interviews & Media Opportunities

Joe Frank, owner of Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati and host of “Beer, Booze & Bonks” is available for media appearances or interviews. For more information, press only: Joe Frank, , 513-500 7687

Full Beer, Booze & Bonks Brewery List:

  • Astra
  • Cincinnati Distilling
  • Rhinegeist
  • Fifty West
  • Streetside
  • Fretboard
  • Alexandria Brewing Co
  • Fibonacci
  • Third Eye
  • Nine Giant
  • Municipal Brew Works
  • Braxton
  • 16 Lots
  • Cartridge
  • Sonder
  • Paradise
  • Darkness
  • Narrow Path
  • HighGrain
  • DogBerry
  • Swine City
  • Wooden Cask
  • West Side

The Great Brewery Roundup

August 5 is International Beer Day, so to celebrate the occasion, we are filling you up with all the local beer knowledge you need to get out and enjoy all of the wonderful brewery and beer options our great city has to offer.

What makes a brewery great is so much more than just having good beer. Sure, that helps, but there are so many other qualities that go into a taproom to make it stand out. The overall taproom experience includes the ambiance, food options, and other events and “amenities” (like having games and being kid or even dog friendly). The good thing? Cincinnati has an abundance of great craft breweries.

Just check out the comprehensive list below!

Cincy Brewery Roundup
Click Image to Read More!
Best Outdoor Seating

We can’t be the only ones who love patio beers. These places around Cincinnati allow you to take in great sights and sips on their rooftops and in their beer gardens.

Rhinegeist Rooftop

Braxton Brewing Company (Covington)

Large rooftop with live wall and bar

Fibonacci Brewing Company (Mt. Healthy)

Biergarten with urban farm, animals, stage for live music, and occasional food trucks

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company (Mt. Carmel)

Expansive patio seating options with pond view

OTR StillHouse (OTR)

Biergarten with StillHouse access; order drinks via QR code directly to your table

Rhinegeist (OTR)

Large rooftop bar overlooking downtown and the city basin

Streetside Brewery (Columbia Tusculum)

Brand new updated patio area, complete with a bar and several picnic tables

Woodburn Brewing (East Walnut Hills)

Woodburn Gardens onsite, featuring biergarten-style seating

Best Taprooms for Events and Live Music

From trivia nights and acoustic sets to free workouts and markets, these breweries always have something going on in their taproom.

WestSide Brewing Workout

Bircus Brewing Company (Ludlow, KY)

Circus-inspired microbrewery featuring circus performances and family-friendly events, as well as markets and live music

Esoteric Brewing Company (Walnut Hills)

Drag shows, karaoke, markets, live music, and community events

Fretboard Brewing Company (Blue Ash)

This Blue Ash-based brewery moonlights as a live music venue, showcasing entertainment every Friday and Saturday

Fibonacci Brewing Company (Mt. Healthy)

Live music in the biergarten, urban farm (with farm animals), and onsite Airbnb

West Side Brewing (Westwood)

Open mic night, trivia, pop-ups, markets, workouts, and community events

Best Onsite Food/Menu

A lot of local breweries have food trucks and pop-ups, but not all of them have onsite menus. From elevated bar food to unique menu items, here are some of the best.

Fifty West Burger Bar

Cartridge Brewing (Kings Mills)

Shareables, salads, Detroit-style pizza, sandwiches

Dead Low Brewing (California)

Apps, soup and salad, wings, pizza, handhelds, burgers

Esoteric Brewing Company (Walnut Hills)

Decibel Korean Fried Chicken operates out of a window at Esoteric, serving brunch on Sundays from 10 to 2

Fifty West Burger Bar (Columbia Twp)

Burger bar, hot dogs, shakes, fries, shareables

HighGrain Brewing Co (Silverton)

Elevated bar food menu updated seasonally, including apps, salads, entrees, and brunch on Saturday and Sunday

Nine Giant (Pleasant Ridge)

Scratch-made bar food changing regularly

Sonder Brewing (Mason)

BrewRiver scratch kitchen serving brunch, snacks, burgers and sandwiches, and desserts

Third Eye Brewing Company (Sharonville)

Taco menu offered every Tuesday, and apps, shareables, and sandwiches Wednesday through Sunday

Best Taproom Pizza

Pizza served at a brewery isn’t all that hard to come by and, while they’re all pretty good, here are some that come highly recommended.

Cartridge Brewing Pizza

16 Lots Brewing Company (Mason)

In-house pizza kitchen serving artisan pizzas, salads, and breadsticks

Little Miami Brewing Company (Milford)

Brick oven scratch pizza kitchen (GF cauliflower crust is available); brunch pizza available on the weekends

MadTree Brewing (Oakley)

Catch-A-Fire wood-fired pizza, including brunch pizza available on Saturdays and Sundays

Taft’s Brewpourium (Spring Grove Village)

Serving up New Haven-style Apizza, a thin-crust, coal-fired Neapolitan-style pizza popular around New Haven, CT

Best Satellite Taprooms

These breweries may have started in another city, state, or even country, but we still treat them as our own here in the Queen City.

Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom

BrewDog (Pendleton)

Scotland-based carbon neutral brewery opened its second-largest US brewpub in Pendleton in 2019

Hofbrauhaus (Newport)

Who needs to be in Germany when you’ve got authentic German food, beer, and events right across the river in Newport?

North High Brewing (Hyde Park)

Columbus, based North High brought its brewpub to Hyde Park in 2021

Sam Adams Cincinnati (OTR)

We all know that “Boston-based” Samuel Adams brews a lot of its beer in Cincinnati and we are more than happy to claim it as our own

Best Friends to the Environment

These breweries are committed to sustainability, conservation, and advocating for the environment.

High GrainEnvironment

Fibonacci Brewing Company (Mt. Healthy)

The country’s only urban farm brewery features beers brewed with many ingredients procured on the premises. They also offer classes on food waste prevention and native bees and pollinators.

HighGrain Brewing Co (Silverton)

HighGrain is on a journey towards independently achieved carbon neutrality and decreasing their footprint. They are powered by 100% renewable electric, have a native plant garden, use geothermal HVAC, and locally source goods.

MadTree Brewing (Oakley)

MadTree is committed to reducing their environmental impact. They are members of 1% FOR THE PLANET, which donates 1% of their annual sales to nonprofits focused on environmental sustainability.

Most Beautiful Taprooms

The brewing industry is an historic one here in Cincinnati, so it’s no surprise that many taprooms are beautiful and historic, too.

Cartridge Brewing (Kings Mills)

Taproom of windows flooded with natural light in the Peters Cartridge Factory

MadTree Brewing (Oakley)

MadTree’s 50,000-square-foot, $18 million expansion brewing facility was built in 2017, complete with event spaces, beer garden, Catch-A-Fire pizza kitchen.

Taft’s Ale House (OTR)

Three-level brewpub located in the former St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church—an $8 million renovation completed in 2015

Most Kid Friendly

This topic may be controversial in some craft beer circles, but a lot of people don’t want to quit going out and enjoying beer just because they have little ones in their lives. These places aren’t just kid friendly, they are even welcoming to children. (During the day, anyway—probably don’t have the youngins out at the bar past bedtime.)

BrewDog (Pendleton)

A mezzanine chock full of games plus a free photo booth

Fibonacci Brewing Company (Mt. Healthy)

Urban farm with animals and plenty of green space to play

Fifty West Brewing Company (Columbia Twp)

Kid-friendly food from the Burger Bar plus an enormous sandbox (volleyball courts on league nights)

Cincinnati has a rich and robust brewing heritage, so be sure to get out and check out our many great breweries and the excellent beers being brewed by them on International Beer Day and always.

Linsey Kraeling is a woman, wife, and mother about town, proud millennial, and lifelong Cincinnatian with an invested interest in community involvement and having a full plate—literally and figuratively. Follow along with and read more about eating like a sophisticated six-year-old, supporting local, and acting like a tourist in her own city at and

Happy Hours in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Just as we say “why limit happy to one hour”, we are saying “why limit happy hour to one place?” We have some of the BEST establishments to find a happy hour in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. From fancy bars and restaurants to amazing hole-in-the-walls, find yourself a happy hour for any day of the week!

Everything Cincy Clients
  1. Acres Cincinnati
    • Monday-Friday 3-5pm
    • 5.50 tap beers and house wines
  2. Alcove by Madtree
    • Monday-Friday 4-6pm
  3. Baru
    • Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm
    • $4 domestics, $5 drafts, $6 select sake and wine, and $7 cocktails
  4. Butcher and Barrel
    • Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm
    • $5 Seltzers, $3 Domestic bottles, $2 Off glass pours of wine, and $2 Off house cocktails
  5. Cafe Alma
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
      • $2 off all beer, wine, and cocktails
  6. Che
    • Monday-Friday 4-5:30pm
    • $3.50 Empanadas, $1 off house cocktails
  7. Cock and Bull Public House
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm and 10pm-close
    • $3 drinks: White Claws, domestic drafts, house wine, and well cocktails
  8. Dave and Buster’s Florence
    • Monday-Friday 4-7pm and Sunday-Friday 10pm-close
    • 1/2 priced cocktails, $1 off 22oz. drafts, $1 off glasses of wine, $3 off bottles of wine
    • Late night: half-off cocktails, $2.50 domestic pints, food deals
  9. deSha’s Cincinnati
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • Drink and snack specials
  10. E+O Kitchen
    • Monday-Friday 2-6pm
    • Half off all signature cocktails, draft beers, and select menu items
  11. Frankie’s Sips and Savories
    • Monday-Friday 4-7pm
    • $4.00 draft beers, $6 house wine pours
  12. Frosthaus
    • Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm
    • $1 off draft beers, $2 off frosty, $12 refills, $2 off bier cheese and pretzels, $2 off Not Your Oma’s Chicken Dip
  13. Gypsys Mainstrasse
    • Monday-Thursday 5-7pm
  14. Hofbrauhaus Newport
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $3 1/2 liters of Lager, Hefe Weizen, and Dunkel, $3 glasses of house wine, $18 bottles of Seaglass Rose
  15. Hotel Covington
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $1 off craft cans, $2 off draft beer, $3 off glasses of wine, $4 well drinks, $5 off prosecco
  16. Kopan
    • Monday-Sunday all day
    • $15 wine bottles, $2 off beers
  17. Lori’s Roadhouse
    • Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm
    • $3 Bud Lights 12 oz., $4 House Wine, $5 Select Cocktails, $5 Select Apps, $10 Burger and Beer
  18. LouVino OTR
    • Monday-Friday 5-6:30pm
    • $2 off 9oz. glasses and flights of wines, beers, and bourbon pours, $7 sangria, $7 Old Fashions
    • $6 fried green tomatoes, $7 loaded baked potato tots, $8 truffle parmesan frites, $9 warm Brussel sprouts salad, $12 mini charcuterie board
    • 1/2 off bottles of wine under $100 on Wednesday Nights
  19. Moerlein Lager House
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $5 Moerlein Drafts, house wines, well-drinks, select appetizers
  20. Nicholson’s Fine Food and Whisk(e)y
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $5.75 Bites, $4 14oz. Draught Beers, $4.50 Wells, $5 Glasses of Trinity Oak Wines, $6.50 Speciality Cocktails
  21. O’Malley’s in the Alley
    • Daily deals all day
    • Monday: $4 Makers, Tuesday: $4 Captain Morgan, Wednesday: $4 Jameson, Thursday: $4 Skrewball, Sunday: $4 Crown Apple
  22. On The Rhine Eatery
    • Friday 5-8pm
    • 25% off drinks
  23. Pampas Argentine Gastropub
    • Tuesday-Saturday 4-6pm, Sunday 2-6pm
    • $18 Revel Red Blend carafe, $2 off wine by the glass, $5 pints of draft beer, $2 off house cocktails, $12 burger + fries, $15/$30 Picadas, $8 stuffed peppers, provoleta, and gougeres
  24. Prime, Cincinnati
    • Everyday 4-6pm
  25. Rich’s Proper Food and Drink
    • Monday-Friday 4-6pm
    • $2 off Draft Beer, House Cocktails, and Wine on Tap
  26. Street City Pub
    • Everyday 3-6pm
  27. The Bark Park & Patio
    • Tuesday-Friday 4-7pm
    • 10% off all beer tabs
  28. The Birdcage
    • White Claw Wednesday: $3 White Claws, Thirsty Thursday: $3 Miller Lite, $5 Absolut, Screwball Sunday: $5 Screwball
  29. The Blind Pig
    • Monday-Thursday all-day deals
    • Monday: $4 Makers Mark, Tuesday: $4 Captain Morgan, Wednesday: $4 Jameson, Thursday: $4 Skrewball
  30. The Growler House
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
  31. The Pub Rookwood
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $2 off all draught beer selections, $3 shot of ‘The Olds’, $4.50 well cocktails, $5.50 Trinity Oak wines, $6.50 cocktails, $5.75 shareables
  32. The Pub Crestview Hills
    • Monday-Friday 3-6pm
    • $2 off all draught beer selections, $3 shot of ‘The Olds’, $4.50 well cocktails, $5.50 Trinity Oak wines, $6.50 cocktails, $5.75 shareables
Additional Happy Hour Options
  1. Agave and Rye
  2. Barleycorns
  3. Blinkers Tavern
  4. Cobblestone OTR
  5. Condado Tacos
  6. Grassroots and Vine
  7. Keystone Bar and Grill
  8. Mac’s Pizza Pub
  9. Nada
  10. Queen City Radio
  11. Righteous Room
  12. Ripple Wine Bar
  13. Taft’s Ale House
  14. The Establishment, Oakley
  15. The Globe Covington
  16. The Standard
  17. Via Vite
  18. Yard House

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Saving and Deals in the City (5/16)

Listermann Brewing Company
$4 Pours Every Monday and Tuesday
Montgomery Inn
2 for $24 Special
Tailwagger’s Doggy Daycare
Free Evaluation Day
Yankee Doodle Deli
Thank you Gift Packages For $25!
D1 Training
Half-Off First Month of Membership
Fowling Warehouse
$12 Unlimited Play
Covington Business Council
50% Off Dues for New Members
Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness
Cyrotherapy Specials – 10% Off
Omega Beauty
Teacher Appreciation Month Specials
BlaCk OWned Outerwear
Black Member Only $10/Month
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Hidden Patio Gems In and Around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky!

Enjoying the warm weather is always better on a patio! ☀️ Here are a few hidden patio gems around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky you might be forgetting 😉

  1. Blind Lemon Bar in Mt. Adams has an unassuming entrance and is an institution 🤫 Their back patio is secluded with greenery 🌿 Be sure to check out the inside for a cozy and whimsical atmosphere too! 🤩

2. Nostalgia OTR in Over-the-Rhine is located on the bustling Vine street, but they have a cute and minimalist back patio 😌 You can listen to the live music when the garage door is open too! 🎶 Split a bottle of wine and enjoy! 🍷

3. Gulow Street is right off of the main strip in Northside Now and is a great spot! 🏃🏻‍♀️ They have some yummy bites (like the Cheapside Cincinnati breakfast sandwich! 😱) and a casual vibe ✨ Their back patio is semi-covered, which is perfect in case it rains! 🌧 Cocktail is the Carrot Moscow mule 🥕 (no longer available), but if they bring it back, definitely order it! So refreshing 😋

4. Crafts and Vines in Mainstrasse Village has a shaded back patio so you can keep your cool 😎 They have bar bites that go perfectly with your wine 🍷, beer 🍺, or cocktail too! 🍹 PS: wines on tap are available as well 👌🏼 Wine is a Scarpetta white blend from Italy available on tap!

Cincy Seltzer Fest Features Eight Local Seltzer Brands Next Weekend

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati, 2940 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Cincy Seltzer Fest Flyer

Cincy Seltzer Fest, the first festival of its kind to take place in Cincinnati and the region, is returning to Fowling Warehouse this weekend on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th for the second year in a row.

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati in Oakley is hosting the event at their 47,000 square foot warehouse. “The first Cincy Seltzer Fest last year was an incredible success. We hosted over 900 festival goers in one day and had close to a hundred different seltzers on hand for patrons. This year, I am happy to share that the event will be held over two days and will really highlight the local seltzer brands and flavors in addition to the major brands.
MadTree, Rhinegeist, Rebel Mettle, Urban Artifact, Sonder, Third Eye, March First and Karrikin are all bringing some incredible seltzer flavors for everyone to sample”, said Owner of Fowling Warehouse, Joe Frank.

A local seltzer focus and an additional day aren’t the only changes to the festival this year. As part of their FOWLanthropy initiative, Fowling Warehouse and Cincy Seltzer Fest have teamed up with the Pink Ribbon Girls on the event. Five dollars of every ticket purchased will go directly to the Pink Ribbon Girls. In addition, Fowling Warehouse has partnered with Truly Hard Seltzer as a Title Sponsor of the event and KISS 107 as the Media Sponsor of the event. For more event details and to purchase tickets, click here.

Operational Details

Cincy Seltzer Fest will have individual, group and VIP tickets available for each session over Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th. Each ticket purchased will allow festival goers to sample a large selection of local and national seltzers. Each ticket also includes unlimited Fowling for the length of the session.

Interviews & Media Opportunities

Joe Frank, owner of Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati and host of Cincy Seltzer Fest is available for media appearances or interviews. Joe Frank, , 513-500-7687

Celebrate Covington Week: Foodies Will Save 50%

What’s a great way to celebrate a 50th anniversary? With a week of 50% discounts from restaurants and bars!

The Covington Business Council (known as the CBC) has been promoting Covington’s economic development and providing members with access to opportunity and growth for 50 years. As part of the festivities, they are hosting Celebrate Covington Week from April 11-17. More than 20 CBC member restaurants and bars will be offering a 50% discount on a signature menu item. Here’s how you can grab these deals.

Mark Your Calendar

Plan to eat out several times during the week of April 11-17. Check the Celebrate Covington website for all the deals.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Visit the participating restaurants and bars for great deals like:

  • Half off a Kentucky Mule at Rich’s Proper Food & Drink
  • Half off a Smoke Justis BBQ Fry Box
  • Half price bourbon slushies at the Globe
  • Half price Chermoula-Spiced Carrot Fritters appetizer at Hotel Covington’s Coppin’s Restaurant
Rich’s Proper Mules
Raise a Glass

Take a moment to toast the Covington Business Council, thanking them for these deals and for 50 years of hard work, making Covington an economically vibrant community.

Make Your Plans Here.

Stay tuned here for the CBC’s Bourbon Week in September.

Jill Morenz is the Director of Community Initiatives and Communications for the Catalytic Fund and also runs the NKY Public Arts Network. She is an enthusiastic evangelist for all things NKY.

People Working Cooperatively and Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom Partner for Homebrew Competition

Registration is now open for teams to brew for a good cause and raise money for those in need!

CINCINNATI (Feb. 23, 2022) – The People Working Cooperatively (PWC) Emerging Leaders Board and the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom invite homebrewers of Greater Cincinnati to brew their best for a good cause during the first annual Boards & Brews Homebrew Competition. Teams are encouraged to register by March 13 to compete for a chance to have their beer brewed and released at the Taproom during the Boards & Brews main event this summer.

“The PWC Emerging Leaders Board is a group of dynamic individuals that are dedicated to helping others in the community,” said PWC President Jock Pitts. “We are excited to collaborate with Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom for the inaugural Homebrew Competition as an innovative way to engage the community and grow the awareness of PWC’s mission to provide critical home repair and modification services to neighbors in need.”

Registration is $150 per beer entry and includes a $50 stipend for brewing ingredients, as well as entry for up to five team members to the kickoff event on March 13 at the Taproom (1727 Logan St., Cincinnati). Attendees of the kickoff event will have the opportunity to meet with Sam Adam’s Head Brewer Chris Siegman and tour the Taproom brewery facilities. 

“Cincinnati boasts a vibrant brewing culture – one that we happily support through unique collaborations, like this one with our friends at PWC,” Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom General Manager Keith McEly said. “This homebrew competition is the perfect way for us to celebrate our city’s love of innovative beer while providing meaningful help to the community.” 

Registration for the Homebrew Competition is open through March 13 and can be completed online at Teams are allowed to submit more than one entry but must pay the registration fee for each. The winning homebrew team will brew their recipe with Head Brewer Chris Siegman on-site at the Taproom for release at the Boards & Brews main event to be held Aug. 7. 

All proceeds from Boards & Brews Homebrew Competition benefit the programs and mission of People Working Cooperatively. To learn more about People Working Cooperatively, or to find out who qualifies for services, visit or call (513) 351-7921.

About People Working Cooperatively

Incorporated in 1975, People Working Cooperatively (PWC) is a non-profit organization serving low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners in 21 counties of southwest Ohio, Dayton, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. PWC strengthens communities by providing professional, critical home repair, weatherization, and modification services to help residents stay safely in their homes. In the last 46 years, PWC’s staff of licensed, trained employees and dedicated corps of 3,000 volunteers have assisted more than 320,000 individuals. For more information, visit or call (513) 351-7921.

About The Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

The Cincinnati Samuel Adams Taproom opened in November 2018 and is located near the historic Findlay Market and across the street from the Samuel Adams Brewery in Over-the-Rhine. It serves as a meeting place for beer drinkers, local Cincinnatians, and visitors alike where core, seasonal and even exclusive, experimental beers are available thanks to the proximity of the Brewery and the Taproom’s on-site research and development nano-brewery.  

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