Art at Ziegler Park 

                 Artwork by: Dai Williams 

               Photo by: Christen Collins 

In Over-the-Rhine is a wonderful city park that offers a ton of things to do and see!  The park is split into two different sections on the east and west sides of Sycamore Street.  This unique space is just over 4 aches and is a great place to take your family for some fun on the playground or in the pool!  There is a wide-open field that features movies and a variety of workout opportunities to attend, like hot yoga.  They have creative events like “Pop Up Play” hosted by the Cincinnati Public Library with games, neat adventures, and craft making!  Not only is it a beautiful environment to enjoy but it also has a nice collection of incredible artworks by local artists! 

Artwork by: Dai Williams aka Soft Ghost  

Photos by: Christen Collins 

From the walking trail on the west end of the park take the route down a set of colorful stairs with the cutest little ghost worm images along the sides painted by the Printmaker and Street Artist, Dai Williams, also known as Soft Ghost.  They completely transformed a regular staircase into a delightful transition of hues and quirky figures that make your heart and feet a little lighter as you walk up, down, or past them from the street. 

Artwork by: Rebekah Del Matto 

Photos by: Christen Collins 

Across the street to the east end of the park are several murals on walls and on the ground, some are even interactive!  First up are pleasant paintings in the restrooms by Rebekah Del Matto, also known as the Cincy Wallflower.  Shortly after she beautified the bathrooms, she was commissioned to create a piece in the new bar and restaurant, Yoli’s Pool House that just opened and is perfectly placed in the park.  Rebekah is your go to artist for custom murals and has awesome work popping up all over town! 

              Artwork by: Annie Ruth           Artwork by: Antevin Brown    

             Photo by: Christen Collins               Photo by: Christen Collins 

Around the corner is a pathway to a super cool mural by Artist Antevin Brown on the ground that kids can play on together and has an encouraging message that says, “Be Creative”.  There is a second mural by Artist Annie Ruth that features a tic-tac-toe game. Both murals inspire everyone to use their imagination and have fun while doing it!

 Artwork by: Denise Burge 

 Photo by: Christen Collins 

In Bland Alley nearby is another mural with an influential message that says, “The first step out of oppression is expression.  This piece was made by Denise Burge in collaboration with ArtWorks in a series called, “New Lines” which was to shift perspectives on the power of art.

Artwork by: Adoria Maxberry 

Photos by: Christen Collins 

Next up is a new piece that people can color in with chalk like a coloring book!  The mural is on the street and was created by Artist Adoria Maxberry, in partnership with Black Art Speaks.  The huge mural extends between buildings going from the black and white fill in section to vibrant colors leading to Main Street.

Artwork by: Em Sites- Karns Artwork by: Lyndon Probst 

Photos by :Christen Collins.                                                         Photos by :Christen Collins 

On the walls of the surrounding buildings and business are more mural to check out and all have there own unique style! In the alley on Collective Espresso is “Slow Down” by Em Sites-Karns and across the street is the polka dot painting by Lyndon Probst.  In addition at two other murals near Main street.  On one side is a mural of two young children by Brent Billingsley and on the other side is a mural called “Dreams, Art, and Success”, by KéMonté Figgs aka K.J. Figgs.

Artwork by: Brent Billingsley    Artwork by: KéMonté Figgs aka K.J. Figgs. 

Photos by: Christen Collins 

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