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Everyone dreams of their wedding day from the moment they watch their first Disney movie when the princess meets her prince…

The idea of a wedding day should evoke feelings of happiness and joy, but for some people, it is the opposite. In fact, 40% of couples describe wedding planning as extremely stressful.

Why? Well, as years pass, weddings become bigger and therefore, there is more pressure. That being said, it doesn’t need to be this way.

With the right planning, attention to detail, and a good support network, the planning process of the wedding rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony can be a breeze!

It’s your big day so you want to enjoy every moment, right?

So, keep reading to find out how to make your rehearsal go smoothly and create wonderful memories to look back on for years to come.


Planning is the most important aspect of preparing for a big event, whether that be a corporate eventsocial event or a wedding ceremony. The same principle applies: planning is key.

That being said, when you are about to get married you have lots of things on your mind…

For example, what dress should you pick? Will there be enough space for everyone? And, how to make sure the venue is everything you want it to be? An all-inclusive wedding package can certainly help relieve some of the stress.

On top of these worries, you need to consider planning for your rehearsal dinner. You might be wondering how to plan a rehearsal dinner and what you need to include.

As this is normally the first stage of the wedding celebrations, you want to make sure it’s perfect.

To make sure everything goes to plan, you will need to follow a plan. Especially, as the rehearsal dinner is often held the night before the main event and you want to set the right tone for the day.

First, you need to decide which side of your family is hosting…


In the past, the groom’s family traditionally hosted the rehearsal dinner, but rehearsal dinner etiquette has changed. Hosting a rehearsal dinner is no longer left to the groom’s family, it can be either side of the family.

Once you have decided who is hosting the event, you will want to organize invitations. Rehearsal dinner invitations are the first impression of your big day, so you want to make them spectacular!

Ideally, you should inform your guests six weeks before the date. This gives your guests enough time to plan accommodation and travel.


Sometimes wedding rehearsal dinner planning can be tiring and you might end up feeling deflated and exhausted from the process. In that case, you need to pick a fun theme for the evening to brighten your mood!

This adds a little bit of your personality and takes you away from the financial planning, checklists, and worries.

Instead, you can get excited about decorating the room, picking a fun outfit, and using quirky thank you gifts.

Here are a few ideas for rehearsal dinner themes:

  • Tropical Theme
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme
  • Pastel Theme
  • Seasonal Theme
  • A Picnic Theme
  • Under the Stars

You can also choose a theme that is unique to your relationship, for instance, perhaps you met in a specific location and want to use that as a theme? Or, you enjoy nature and want to make a cozy, outdoorsy theme? 

No matter what you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy it!


As already mentioned, the rehearsal dinner is normally held the night before the wedding day. However, sometimes that doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule and it could make it difficult for loved ones to attend.

In this situation, you might want to consider hosting a rehearsal dinner a few days before, or you could also host a pre-wedding breakfast with all your friends and family.


Another thing to consider when it comes to planning the wedding rehearsal dinner is making time for the speeches and toasts. It is common that your close friends and relatives might want to make a speech at the event.

In addition, the host normally makes a toast at the beginning of the dinner to welcome everyone and say thank you. It is a good idea to make this short and sweet so you have enough time for other speeches later on.


Of course, it is nice to give your guests a thank you gift when they leave as a reminder of the dinner. If you choose a theme, you can give themed gifts to your guests to add to the experience!

Otherwise, you might also want to give gifts that people can use on the day of the wedding. This helps make people feel part of the day and included in the ceremony with you.

Not only this, but people are also choosing to create picture book memories of rehearsal dinners. You can leave a polaroid camera on each table so guests can take photos and you can make a collage afterward.

This is a beautiful way to remember the dinner and have something to look at when it’s all over.

However, let’s not forget the venue.

You will want to pick a venue with sentimental value and holds a special place in your hearts. That being said, you might also appreciate a venue that offers all-inclusive deals so you have less to worry about.

Thankfully, The Madison Event Center is here to help!


At The Madison Event Center, you will find everything you need for the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner, from dance floors to built-in bars…

The team is there to help you prepare and plan your dream day.

After all, you should be able to sit back and relax on your special day, so why not let someone else take care of the practicalities for you? 

You can trust The Madison Event Center to take care of all your needs. Reach out today to find out more about what we can do for you!

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