Splish-Splash, Swimming Pool Openings!

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means… Pools in the Cincinnati area are starting to open for the season!  So, take a dive at these incredible places to visit to beat the heat and have some fun! From public pools in parks, to community spaces, and local gyms, the Queen City has plenty of swimming pools for everyone to enjoy!

Ziegler Pool in OTR

Ziegler Pool is one of our favorite city pools in the downtown area!  The pool is open from Saturday, May 1st– September 12th!  The hours of operation are split up for lap swimming from 7-9am, then the pool gets cleaned, afterwards the block times for the day passes begin from 10am-12:15pm, 12:45pm – 3pm, and 3:30-5:45pm, with cleanings between each session. This swimming pool, like many others is by reservation only and you can sign up on their website for a 2-hour session for only $4 a person!  They also offer a membership pass that is based on your income.  The pool has a large central swimming section that is perfect for playing around and team swimming! From the center, the pool branches off into two other sections that have varying depths.  One section has driving boards and a climbing wall that reaches out over the water!  The deck around the pool is family friendly, has chairs to lounge on, and is really good at practicing in social distancing!  Ziegler Pool also has restrooms, showers, first aid, and a great little concession stand for cold drinks and treats. You can find this wonderful city pool tucked in the corner of Ziegler Park on Woodward St. in Over-the- Rhine.  Visit their website today to plan your next visit! https://zieglerpark.org/feature/pool/information/

Sunlite Pool at Coney Island

Coney Island is a magical little theme park along the Ohio River on Kellogg Ave. that has been around since the 1800’s!  This historic place added their pool in 1925 and later added water rides around the deck.  The pool is famous for its massive size and it’s in-pool slide called the, “Silver Bullet” that has been there since 1930!  Sunlite Pool is the perfect water adventure for the whole family and one of the best places to experience Cincinnati nostalgia.  They offer swim lessons, have live music on Sundays, and have a new feature called the “Challenge Zone”, which is the largest pool obstacle course in the United States!  The pool has a variety of options for food and beverages with a dining area and designated picnic spots.  There is plenty of space to sunbath on chairs or in the grass and for those of you that like more shaded areas there are lots of spaces under trees that offer a great amount of comfort.  You can even rent your own luxury cabana to chill out in!  Opening day is May 29th and the pool is open from 10am – 8pm every day of the week!


The Y has always been one of the best places to go swimming and there are lots of locations to choose from!  Whether it’s for fun or fitness you won’t be disappointed purchasing a membership to this amazing non-profit organization!  They offer lifeguard training, competitive swimming, swim lessons, and aquacise.  A membership allows you to not one use their incredible pool, but you get access to their entire gym!  You also get to bring a guest for free, so find yourself a swimming partner and join the YMCA near you! https://myy.org/

Cincinnati has so many swimming pools throughout the area and in almost every neighborhood!  Some offer swimming classes like Bear Paddle Swim School in Oakley Station and others are for adults only like the beautiful outdoor pool at the Cincinnati Sports Club.  We even have spaces that have amazing water features to play in and are free!  Washington Park has one of the greatest interactive water features that has more than 130 pop-up jets that are synchronized to music and lights that you can run around in!  So, no matter which place you choose to visit, you’ll be sure to have a great time and a memorable experience that will make you want to return all summer long!

Written By: Christen Collins

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