Top Ten Burgers in Newport, KY

mokka burger and fries

You may be still salivating over our list of the Top 10 Burgers in Covington, we thought it was time to publish the list for Newport in case you’ve eaten through the Cov list already!  And we thought Covington was bursting with amazing burger options, but man, we couldn’t keep the Newport list to only 10… it has 12 amazing options to enjoy, and several at locations that you wouldn’t think of as a burger joint.

Mokka and the Sunset Bar & Grill

While it’s hard not to order French Toast or one of the other delicious options when you visit Mokka, their burgers are worth it.  Next time you’re at Newport on the Levee, take the short stroll up Monmouth Street and try it out!

They have an All-American option dressed with cheese, fried pickles, and spicy ranch sauce, or you can opt for a chipotle black bean burger or salmon burger if you want a vegetarian or meatless option.  Don’t forget the waffle or sweet potato fries–both delicious!

York Street Cafe

From the moment you walk into York Street Cafe, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back to grandma’s house.  From the decor to the cooking, the entire place is an experience–in a good way!  When I asked the waitress what she recommended, she immediately told me about their burgers being made from meat that gets delivered daily from Ebert’s Meat Market down the street. 

Served with fresh garden condiments and a side of chips, the burger was very tender and cooked just the way I like it.  I’d order it again!  But the next course definitely stole the show… dessert.  Read about my full experience here.

photo of a cheeseburger, garden on the side, with a side of potato chips

O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill

Whether you like American, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Provolone or crumbled Bleu Cheese, O’Bryon’s has you covered! 

In the heart of Newport, this comfortable neighborhood pub is known for their chicken wings, but the burger is a great option too!  They also offer a black bean burger option and a plethora of add-ons, including a fried egg, wing sauce, fried jalapenos, onion ring, and more.  Yum!

O'Bryon burger


We know, Pompilio’s is the quintessential home of pasta.  And even though many people may have overlooked it in the past, their burger is just as delicious as their meatballs. 

In a small corner section of the menu labeled specialty sandwiches, the Pomp Burger is listed, served with fries.  It’s the perfect option for a diner that is avoiding pasta for whatever reason.  Plus, you can enjoy the historic setting from the movie Rainman, or play a round of Bocce Ball on their patio.

pompilios burger

Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries

They pride themselves on the toppings.  With the selection, they say you can customize your burger in millions of ways.  I’m a purist when it comes to burgers, so I haven’t tried all the wild toppings, but their burgers are delicious.  If you’re looking for a huge burger, this is your place!  They’re home of the Goliath burger, which has two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns and includes bacon, barbecue sauce, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and Angus beef.

For those in your party who aren’t in the mood for a burger, there are also lots of other options on the menu, including gyros, grilled cheese, BLT, pork tenderloin, hot dogs, and cod.  Pro tip:  Make sure you don’t overindulge on that Goliath burger so you can make the short walk back to Newport on the Levee or the nearby Hampton Inn & Suites.

mad mike's burgers and fries goliath burger

Five Guys

Speaking of lots of toppings, Five Guys boasts 250,000 ways to order a burger.  Located at Newport on the Levee, Five Guys uses fresh ground beef and no freezers at any of their locations. 

The fresh-cut fries are fried in peanut oil and complement the burgers perfectly.  It’s a great place to grab some quick grub while you’re at the Levee watching live music or indulging in some cocktails from The Bridgeview Box Park.

five guys burger

Pepper Pod Restaurant

Not only was it used in Zac Efron’s recent movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and VilePepper Pod Restaurant also serves a mean burger.  Full disclosure, I haven’t yet eaten at this restaurant, but it is definitely on my list.  According to the Instagram user who took the photo above, “you have to be from Newport to know about this (the burger pictured above).” 

I think I believe him, but am glad for social media so that people like me who aren’t from Newport find out about these gems and give them the love they deserve.  Can’t wait to try it!

pepper pod burger

Press on Monmouth

Many of you probably know Press on Monmouth by their great menu of pressed sandwiches and salads, gourmet soup, and pastries, but they also have a delicious burger!  The burger is double stacked with American cheese, greens, secret sauce, and frizzled onions on a brioche bun.  You have the option to add a fried egg and it comes served with fruit, fries, or crispy brussel sprouts.

See the background of this photo?  If you follow that sidewalk, you’ll run right into Newport on the Levee, and the Hampton Inn & Suites Newport is also so close!  When visiting the Levee, don’t be afraid to walk around Newport to discover the amazing local restaurants to add to your experience.

press on monmouth burger

Hofbrauhaus Newport

We know, you go to Hofbrauhaus for the pretzels, sausage, kraut, and bier… but don’t forget about their burger options! 

The menu boasts several options including an American cheeseburger, smoke-haus burger, or the dunkel bourbon burger, which is grilled and topped with their homemade dunkel bourbon glaze, provolone, and smoked bacon–yum!  There’s also a vegetarian burger option as well as a menu full of other German favorites.  And, it’s located just across the street from Newport on the Levee!

hofbrauhaus burger

Sis’s on Monmouth

Sis’ is a great place for three meals a day and late-night entertainment, so it should be no surprise that their burgers are great!  The menu has seven different burger options, including the Brian Burger pictured above. 

Served with fries and less than $10, every burger option at Sis’s is a great deal!

sis's on monmouth burger

Lana’s Diner

I just love how Newport’s Monmouth street is full of these quaint diners.  Lana’s is another great option, serving a hamburger for just $3.95 or a double decker cheeseburger for only $4.25. 

Their burgers are always hand-pattied and never frozen, so you’re going to get a nice juicy burger cooked the way you like it.  But y’all, take my advice and save room for dessert–especially the strawberry pie or pineapple upside down cake!

lana's diner cheeseburger

Brothers Bar & Grill

Brothers is hands down the best place to grab a burger with a view.  Situated at Newport on the Levee with a patio overlooking the Ohio River, Brothers is a great spot for sunset overlooking the Cincinnati skyline. 

They have a huge menu, and the burgers don’t disappoint.  The one pictured above is the Kalifornia Burger with pepper jack cheese and slices of fresh avocado, a spread of avocado aioli, shredded lettuce, and pico de gallo.

brothers bar and grill burger

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  1. I have eaten at half of the restaurants on this list. Every place on here is worth it. Some have history. Those have been there for atleast 50yrs or more and one atleast has been in two different movies. I grew up in Newport and know one of the owners. She is named by name on her restaurant can you guess? I hope you get to enjoy some delicious burgers and plenty of other awesome meals on this list.

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