Welcome in a Sustainable New Year

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Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or renewed habits, the start of a new year brings a yearning for a clean state—along with a chance to reset and envision the impact you want to make for the months to come. For some, it’s the devotion to becoming more sustainable in their day-to-day lives. But let’s face it, eco-friendly practices are easier said than done. 

Luckily, in Cincinnati there are lots of ways you can ease into a more sustainable lifestyle, with small switches that will make going green a breeze. Check out some of the stores around our city making a sustainable impact, (so you can make one too!)

Deerhaus Decor:  Deerhaus is an eco-friendly boutique with an emphasis on small-batch manufacturing. This place is great for sustainable kitchen swaps like a dish block (instead of dish soap in plastic bottles), along with beeswrap food wrap, bamboo and metal straws, eco-friendly dish towels and more. They’re also a must-stop shop for unique, handmade jewelry and vintage clothing, that get a chance at second wear. 

Check them out online; or in store at: 135 West Elder Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

SimplyZero: New to Over-the-Rhine, Simply Zero has everything you need to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, from bamboo cutlery to mouthwash tabs, to powdered laundry detergent, and beyond. Most impressive, though, are their refill stations. Instead of buying plastic packaged shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash they sell refillable glass bottles you pump with your favorite product. Once you run out, bring your bottle back and start the process again. Goodbye plastic landfill.

Stop by in store: 1235 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202; or online.

Brewdog Brewery: Now you can drink beer responsibly in a whole new earth-friendly way. Brewdog made its way from the UK to Cincinnati with a mission to “change the culture of craft beer.” Not only do they take their beer-making process to heart, they take their carbon footprint to heart too. Their spent grain (their biggest brewing byproduct) is turned into green gas, renewable vehicle fuel and organic fertilizers. And they use fully recycled and recyclable aluminium cans and glass bottles, plus kegs made from recycled material. Crack open a cold one, and read more about their sustainable practices around the world.

Try them out: 316 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, or visit online.

Yield Coffee Roasters: Now you can drink coffee that matters. Yield Coffee is a small-batch, specialty coffee roasting company that is focused on relational and sustainable development. They work hand-in-hand with coffee farmers and cooperatives—cutting the middleman out—to bring the best coffee around the world to Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only do they provide deliciously-good coffee that’s sustainably and ethically-sourced, they’re also making a positive social impact by breaking the cycle of economic poverty through involvement in initiatives like rehab programs for woman transitioning back into society from human trafficking, building life-saving modern bathrooms, supplying medical clinics with necessities, and more. 

Buy their coffee here.

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